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Item Description

1.A Matco Roller tool box that measures 76 inches long. It has 21 drawers. It is dirty but should clean up very nice. There are no keys for the locks. This has a variety of tools still in the drawers that are included. There is a new dust/storage cover for the box that has never been used.

2.A light plant powered by a Kubota Diesel engine. The hour meter shows 11,020 hours. This starts, runs and operates but two lights of the four do not light up.

3.100 rounds of .223 Remington ammunition. These are reloads. 62 grain Barnes Copper Bullets. 23 grains of H 4895 powder. These were loaded for Pig Hunting.

4.60 rounds of .22-250 Remington ammunition. These are handloads using new brass. 55 grain SP Bullets. 33 grains of IMR 4064 powder. 3400 FPS.

4A.A Tapco Pro 2000 Aluminum Brake. It measures 10 feet long with a 6 inch throat. This includes a Snap Stand, a sidewinder, a brake buddy, a Pro Citoff tool, miscellaneous rolls of Aluminum flashing and 2 wall mount brackets.

4B.A Lumberjack 25 ton log splitter with a 6.5 horsepower Kohler engine. This can take up to a 25 inch long log. This looks almost new.

5.A 1948 Mercury 4 door sedan with a flathead V-8 engine. This will start if gas is poured into the carburetor. The body is in fairly good condition. A couple of small dents and just a little rust can be seen. The interior looks complete but is in poor condition. Some of the glass is cracked. There are new parts in boxes including a fuel tank and brake drums. This car could be easily made into a Rat Rod or it may be worth restoring.

Additional fees: Documentation fee $30.00, Registration tax $35.00, Wheelage tax $15.00, Title tech fee $2.25, PSV fee $3.50, Transfer tax $10.00, Title/tech fee $8.25, State  filing fee $11.00 and Sales tax will be $10.00

Minnesota State Law - when purchasing a vehicle, you MUST provide your Insurance Company, Policy Number and Expiration Date as we will need to have this information to bring to the DMV when we do the title work.

5A.A copy of a Winchester Model 86. This was made for Cabelas by Pedersoli in Italy. It is in 45-70 caliber. It is Stainless Steel with a camouflage stock. It has a scope rail and open sights. The barrel measures 19 inches long. This has been handled but never fired.  Winning bidder must be able to pass a NICS test at time of purchase.

Reminder that the person's name on the invoice is the ONLY person able to pick up a gun and you MUST be able to pass a NICS test at time of purchase.

5B.A Magnum Research Model BFR revolver in 45-70 caliber. This is Stainless Steel and has a 5 1/2 inch barrel. This is new in the box.  Winning bidder must be able to pass a NICS test at time of purchase and have either a Permit to Carry or a Permit to Purchase.

Reminder that the person's name on the invoice is the ONLY person able to pick up a gun and you MUST be able to pass a NICS test at time of purchase and have either a Permit to Carry or a Permit to Purchase.

5C.A Sig Sauer P220 commemorative pistol in .45ACP caliber. It has a Crimson Trace Lasergrip laser light on it. This has a threaded barrel. It includes a regular magazine and two extended magazines. There is a Galco leather carry holster also included. This has been fired but it is in very good condition.  Winning bidder must be able to pass a NICS test at time of purchase and have either a Permit to Purchase or a Permit to Carry.

Reminder that the person's name on the invoice is the ONLY person able to pick up a gun and you MUST be able to pass a NICS test at time of purchase and have either a Permit to Carry or a Permit to Purchase.


6.A cab from a Volvo Semi-Tractor. The piece from the left rear is inside the cab. The boat trailer that it is sitting on is included.

7.A rough cut Oak plank that measures 3 inches thick by 10 inches wide by 22.5 feet long. It has some ant damage at 14 feet. This is still green. It has not been dried.

8.A Toro Groundsmaster 328-D Mower with 4013 hours on the hour meter. It is powered by a 3 cylinder Diesel engine. This includes a 72 inch mower deck, a Cozy Cab, and a sweeper. The sweeper is missing parts. This runs and operates.

9.A 3 point brush hog with an 80 inch cut. This appears to be in decent condition.

10.A 3 point back blade made by King Kutter. It has a 7 foot blade. This is in good usable condition.

10A.A Skid Steer excavator. This has a shop built thumb on it for lifting rocks, brush or logs. The thumb is solid and does not move. The bucket measures 13 inches wide.

10B.An auger for a Skid Steer. It is a 750 Classic Made by Lowe. It includes an 8 inch bit. The owners manual is included.

10C.A 6 inch auger Bit that will fit the Lowe Auger in lot 10B.

10D.An auger extension that will fit the Lowe Auger in lot 10B. It measures 28 inches long.

10E.A 12 inch auger. This does not have the same connection as the Lowe Auger in lot 10B.

10F.A 3 point box blade made by United Box Blade model 896HD. It measures 8 feet wide and has 8 adjustable scarifiers.

10G.A rock and stump bucket for a Skid Steer

10H.An auger extension that will fit the Lowe auger in lot 10B. It measures 28 inches long.

11.A new uninsulated garage/shed door made by Midland. It measures 8 feet 5 inches wide by 6 foot 3 inches high. All of the mounting hardware is included.

12.A new uninsulated garage door made by CHI. It measures 8 feet wide by 7 feet high. There is no hardware included.

13.A fiberglass truck topper made by Raider. The front window is a slider. This measures 76 inches long by 58 inches wide.

14.An electric Steam Pressure Washer. This is powered by a 6 horsepower 240 volt single phase motor. It has a 150 foot long power cord. The seller states that this works good.

15.A Mitsubishi diesel powered light plant with 12,377 hours on the hour meter. This starts, runs and operates as it should. All the lights work.

16.This was a Shriners mini car used in parades. It is a 32 Ford Roadster made by Sharp Mini Cars. It measures 80 inches long. It is powered by a Tecumseh 10 horsepower single cylinder engine. It has a three speed transmission plus reverse. Electric start. Head lights and tail lights. The seller says it will do 30 MPH. This runs and works but needs a battery. Picture this with a 17 horsepower Kawasaki lawn mower engine with Nitrous.

16A.A Stihl Model SR 450 backpack sprayer/duster. This will spray Chemicals or other liquids. This is new.

17.Fifteen portable work lights. With eight shop built stands. They each stand 70 inches high. None have been tested.

18.Sixteen portable work lights. With 8 shop built stands. None have been tested.

19.A DeWALT Vacuum Cleaner. This operates on 110 or 18 volts. The hose is included but no other accessories. The battery may or may not be good. No charger is included. Also there is an 8 gallon Shop Vac that is missing one wheel. Both of these have been tested and work.

20.An assortment of pliers. The large water pump pliers measure 20 inches long.

21.A fairly heavy duty off road trailer. It has floatation tires. The tilt bed measures 68 inches long by 48 inches wide. It has a rear gate that swings open. This would be good behind a 4 wheeler or side by side to haul extra gear or an Elk out of the mountains. It has a hitch that requires a 2 inch ball.

21A.A spear house that measures 42 inches wide by 66 inches long. The outside is Galvanized tin. It has been spray insulated.

22.A Craftsman snow blower with a 9 horsepower motor and a 28 inch cut. The rewind on this needs repair but the electric start works.

23.A Multiquip Whisperwatt Plus Generater/Welder. Model DCX-8.8 WSS. 8.8 KW generator and 270 amp DC Welder. This is powered by an Isuzu Diesel engine. This starts, runs and operates like it should. No welding leads are included.

24.A commercially made off road Go-Cart. This has electric start and reverse. The electric choke is not working and the cable that engages reverse does not work. It has a four stroke single cylinder engine. This starts, runs and operates.

25.An E-Z Go Golf cart with a gasoline engine. This starts, runs and operates but the engine has low compression. A new cylinder jug, piston, rings and gaskets are included.


26.A Craftsman pressure washer. 2800 PSI. 7.0 horsepower. This has the water blown out of it for winter storage.

27.A new rear tractor rim. Size 10 X 24 loop. Allis Chalmers and International.

28.A John Deere Number 9W three point sickle mower. It has a 7 foot mower. It appears to be in decent usable condition.

29.A King Kutter 5 foot brush hog. 3 point PTO driven. It appears to be in decent used condition but could use a weld about 5 inches long or leave as is.

30.A Honda EU 1000 portable generator. This started on one pull and operates as it should.

31.Surge boys bike that is in good shape but the tires will need air.

32.Wooden desk and a small round table. Not sure if all the desk is there or if there is extra pieces.

33.A wooded coat rack that is 65 inches tall and a wooden cloth drying rack.

34.Vintage in table Singer sewing machine this is untested but appears to be in good shape. There is some markings on the table.

35.A vintage Singer sewing machine this is untested so it my need work also a T-Fal cooker and more

36.An aquarium that is 20 inches long 12 1/2 inches tall and 10 inches wide. This also comes with a variety of supplies for the tank.  This would be a nice starter tank.

37.A Craftsman weed whipper - this is untested.

38.Trucks, tractors, trailer and more - this is a fun lot for the kids. With frisbee, buckets and a variety of other toys.

39.A big bag full of a variety of trucks, cars and more. 

40.A Savage radio controlled robot car and some Transformers from the Revenge of the Fallen. There is also a Thunder Tumbler Radio Control 360 rally car and The Corps. All appear to be new and unopened.

41.A Gauntlet 18 speed bike that is in good shape the tire will need air but is still in usable shape.

42.A nice wooden table that is 42 inches by 42 inches with a leaf but unsure if it goes to this table. There is also 4 comfortable chairs on rollers.

43.A nice end table with a drawer - the top appears to be marble and is very heavy and it will need to be remounted to the base.  Also a floor lamp that is untested.

44.A nice wooden table that is made to go against the wall.  It measures  47 inches long by 16 inches at the widest part and 32 inches tall. There is also a adjustable clothes rack with wheels.

45.Appears to be a wooden storage box that is 44 inches long by 18 inches wide and 21 inches tall. This is locked and we don’t have a key.

46.A lowrance Green Box fish lo-k-tor. This is untested, but appears to be in usable condition. Also a Coleman lantern that is in usable condition.

47.A Craftsman 2 1/8 horsepower 7 1/4 inch circular saw with a nice hand made wooden storage container.

48.A rout-a-signer to make your own wood signs, a Craftsman box trim saw all and saw. All appear in good usable condition.

49.A nice size ceramic pot with some cutting shears, a oil filter remover, knee pads and more.

50.A Sears Portable 8 track AM/FM stereo and a vintage Panasonic FM/AM radio. Both are untested but in good shape.

51.Three metal bucket full of goodies.  There is gloves, paint brushes, saw blades and more. There is also a small pump and a cute sign.

52.Two nice fishing rods - one is 79 inches long and the other is 75 inches long.  Both are heavy duty and come with a pole holder.

53.Four General tires on 8 hole rims. They were on a 2010 Ford F-250. Size LT245/75R17. Load range E. They vary from 6/32 to 8/32 tread. Hub caps are included.

54.A Craftsman 10 inch Sliding Compound Miter Saw. Tested and operates as it should. There is some minor cosmetic damage to a plastic cover that does not affect using the Saw.

55.A plastic riveting tool. A Blue Point TBI/EFI injector harness test kit. This may not be complete. A Greenlee Knock out punch set. A hand held tachometer. And a dial indicator.

56.A set of Metric 3/8 drive impact sockets made by CP. Only one appears to have been used.

57.A steering wheel puller made by Pittsburgh. This appears to be new.

58.Four outside micrometers. They will measure from 0 up to 5 inches. There is not a 1 to 2 inch micrometer included.

59.An inch pound torque wrench made by CDI. A sheet metal cutter kit made by Blue Point. A set of tool bits made by Blue Point. And a set of internal pipe easy outs made by Pittsburgh.

60.A set of Fuji Telescoping gauges from 5/16 to 6 inch. A 0 to 1 inch micrometer. And a Digital Caliper with a dead battery.

61.Miscellaneous sockets. 1/4, 3/8 and 1/2 inch drive. Metric and SAE.

62.A Fluke 32 Clamp meter. The battery is dead.

63.A double flare kit for brake lines.

64.Miscellaneous sockets. 1/4, 3/8 and 1/2 inch drive. Metric and SAE. Deep and shallow. Different manufacturers including a couple Snap-On.

65.Tools. Most are new. Nut splitters. A Clutch Pilot Tool. A battery terminal wrench. And a brake caliper compressor.

66.Assortment of tools. A set of nut drivers made by Ram-Pn. Sockets. Cotter pin assortment. A pneumatic angle grinder that appears to be new. A Blue Point butane powered soldering gun. A compression tester and more.

67.A automotive stethoscope. Nut chasers. Wheel weight tool. Labels. Fish wackers. And more.

68.A Snap-On Cylinder Leakage Detector Set. Part number EEPV309A00.

69.A Henrob 2000 Welding and Cutting System. This is new - never used.

70.An assortment of wrenches. Mostly SAE. It is a mixture of American made and foreign made.

71.Combination wrenches. Most are SAE. Lots of foreign made but some American made also.

72.A Matco 3 piece set of 1/2 inch drive extensions. A 5 inch, a 12 inch and a 24 inch. They are 1/2 inch drive - but use a 3/8 inch socket.

73.Lots of straight blade screwdrivers. Many different manufacturers.

74.Lots of Phillips screwdrivers. There are lots of different manufacturers.

75.A Matco Inner Tie Rod Tool. Part number TRT46A.

76.Seven framed pictures - 2 of them are puzzles.  There is The Footprints of God and a few other smaller ones.

77.A variety of framed pictures. The large one is 4 feet tall and 32 inches wide - is appears to be hand painted. There is a couple flower ones, a deer and more.

78.Three matching mirrors - the biggest is 30 inches by 24 inches, the other two are 30 inches by 15 inches. There is also a cool mirrored looking bridge picture.

79.Three large pictures.  There is one of geese that is 36 inches by 46 inches. A picture of a cute little cottage that is 42 inches by 36 inches. Also a wood scene that is 51 inches by 27 inches.

80.A metal folding table with a handle that is 6 feet long and two padded folding chairs.

81.Here is a big wall hanging candle holder that is 44 inches long and 33 inches tall. Also a metal table that is 31 inches tall and has a beveled  glass top that is 1 foot by 1 foot.

82.4 jack stands, a light and two tool boxes. There is also a timing light and a volt tester.

83.A nice dresser that is on wheels and a wooden twin bed frame. They both seem to be in usable shape as is or could be painted.

84.Two sets of skis - one set is a junior continual 25 and the other is a Avenger 3 by Catamaran. There are ski poles to go with them.

85.A box of older Ball jars with lids - there is clear and blue ones. A vintage radio and a wrinkles away electric hand steamer by West Bend. Also some book ends, a walker and more.

86.Miscellaneous lot to include light bulbs, a vintage radio that is untested, an older saw and drill that are not tested. There is a container of buttons and snaps, a box of brass knobs with wood centers and some file boxes

87.A cream and sugar set, some serving bowls, candle holders, picture frames, a napkin holder and more.

88.A electric deep fryer, some glass serving dishes, a variety of vases. There is also some Christmas decorations and some pictures.

89.Five of the best of Johnny Carson's favorite moments VHS tapes.  Also a full size comforter set and some other miscellaneous blankets.

90.A big bug zapper that is untested, a Delta saw that is untested. A vintage foot vibrator, Barbie and Ken case and an older travel bar that appears to be missing pieces.

91.A box of vinyl records. There is a variety of different music from Christmas music to love songs.

92.Wine glasses, serving plates and a Mother’s day plate. There is also a vase and a box with a variety of different size wine glasses and other glasses.

93.Two big older roasting pans - one with a lid, two big metal bowls, an older hand grinder. There is also a nice ceramic serving bowl, a box of tin containers and more.

94.A wooden salad bowl with 4 wooden bowls. Two ceramic baking containers with lids and a box of older jars with lids.

95.Vintage RC Allen business adding machine - the drawer does open but will need some work as the lever and buttons stick.

96.A punch bowl with ladle and 10 matching cups. There is also a 30 cup automatic percolator and a miscellaneous box of glassware - all will need a good cleaning.

97.Two boxes that has a variety of kitchen supplies. There is a blender that has two tops, an electric fry pan, some pots and pans and more. There is more to this lot then pictured.

98.A punch bowl, ice cream maker and some glass food storage containers that appear to be new. There is some dessert cups, a coffee maker and more.

99.Two vintage adding machines.  One is a Burroughs that seems to need work - the buttons stick. The other one is a Allen 95 that will also need work as the buttons also stick.

100.A shop built wood storage cabinet with sliding doors. This can be attached to a wall. It measures 41 inches wide by 46 inches high by 7 inches deep.

101.A two door Stack-On brand lockable gun cabinet. One side is for long guns. The other side is for handguns or ammunition. It measures 32 inches wide by 55 1/4 inches high by 13 inches deep.

102.Two beginner guitars. One says Kat model KCL78. It is missing 1 string. The other says First Act model FG-130. It is missing 2 strings.

103.A new in the box storage rack made by Tool Shop. It has 43 removable bins.

104.A collapsible stand for a portable BBQ Grill.

105.Four sports Jerseys from the Minnesota Northern Wings. One size Small. Three size medium. Numbers 19, 22, 15 and 8.

106.6 sports jerseys that are from the Minnesota Northern Wings. Two size YL. Three side medium. One size small. 3 are number 8. One number 15. One number 19. One number 22.

107.A new 2 gallon air compressor made by Worker. 135 PSI. 120 volts. This was tested just long enough to power up and build air pressure.

108.A portable vise stand made by Port-A-Mate. A MegaVise 11. This is new in an unopened box.

109.Three Circular saws - only the Craftsman works. Two jig saws - both power up. An untested drill and a sewer snake.

110.Three extension cords. Two are 16 gauge wire. One is 14 gauge. All are 25 feet long. Some new tools. Straps. Bungee cords. Panel carriers. All in a Rubbermaid tote.

111.Miscellaneous tools. None have been tested.

112.An elevated fuel tank. It measures 72 inches long by 36 inches in diameter. The strap is not included.

113.A shop built wood stove. Made out of steel car rims. It stands 38 inches high.

114.A used equipment seat.

115.Fork extensions that measure 84 inches long.

116.A shop built receiver hitch cargo carrier.

117.These are skis that can be mounted on the front of a side by side.

118.A 2 man suitcase style portable fish house. It was not set up for inspection.

119.An Aluminum headache rack from a Semi-Tractor.

120.Three Semi-Truck tires on rims. Two have good tread. One looks usable.

121.A Yardman MTD lawn tractor with a 14.5 horsepower motor. 42 inch mower deck. 7 speeds. This has not been started in 2 years. Untested.

122.A Simplicity Sno-Away 9 snowblower. This will start and run with spray Ether. It has low compression.

123.A large internal snap ring wrench made by Kent-Moore. Part number J-45126. It measures 28 inches long.

124.Prepper food. 6 cans of freeze dried Chili Mac with Beef. Each can has 10 servings. These have a best if used by date of 2046.

125.Prepper food. 6 cans of freeze dried Pear dices.

126.Prepper food. 6 cans of freeze dried Beef Stroganoff with Noodles. Best used by date of 2039.

127.Prepper food. 6 cans of freeze dried diced Mozzarella Cheese.

128.Prepper food. 12 cans of canned Hamburger. Each can holds 28 ounces of Hamburger.

129.Prepper food. 6 cans of freeze dried Crackers.

130.Prepper food. 6 cans of dried mixed vegetables. Each can has 34 ounces of vegetables in it.

131.Prepper food. Assorted MRE's. MRE food heaters. Freeze dried Chicken Salad.

132.Prepper food. Snack bread. Cheese spread. Canned Butter. Cake frosting.

133.An assortment of tools.

134.Mostly ratchets and extensions. 1/4, 3/8, and 1/2 inch.

135.Large metric ratcheting combination wrenches. 1/2 inch drive Metric deep impact sockets. And 1/4 inch drive bits.

136.A Ridge Reamer. A glaze breaker. A piston groove cleaner. A lifter remover. A Degree Wheel. Calipers.

137.Assorted pliers.

138.A three piece set of Matco long reach needle nose pliers.

139.Four pry bars. The long one is made by Pittsburgh Tools and measures 57 inches long.

140.Two new heavy duty ratchet strap ratchet ends for a 3 inch strap. 13,000 pound rated capacity.

141.A Yamaha EF1000 generator. It turns over but did not start.

142.Four nylon tow straps. They have a loop on each end. Each one measures 2 inches wide by 70 inches long.

143.6 Nylon tow straps. Four measure 2 inches wide by 70 inches long. Two measure 2 inches wide by 90 inches long but one of these has a cut most of the way through on one end.

144.A Mac Tools model AC5650 Halogen Leak Detector. The batteries have corroded in the machine and it is untested. A heat gun that works. A Matco long barreled air hammer. Untested. And a multi-meter that is missing one test wire.

145.Two hatchets and five hammers.

146.A Craftsman two drawer tool box with tools included.

147.A bushing tool. A drill and tap set. Brass punches. Screw extraction set. Helicoils. And two damaged lug nut tools.

148.Miscellaneous tools. Incomplete Matco socket set. Incomplete drill index. Complete numbers stamps. And more.

149.A 5/16 inch lifting chain/sling. It measures 7 feet long. There is an extra piece of 1/4 inch chain that could be added to the sling.

150.Miscellaneous items. A Black and Decker angle grinder. Tested and works. X-bar lug wrenches. A socket organizer. Brushes and more.

151.Two fiberglass buckets from a man lift.

152.Two pallets of assorted parts that will fit a 2000 Volvo Semi-Truck.

153.A 24 volt Warn Pullzalls. It appears to be in good condition. The battery is dead and no charger was included. Chargers are available on line.

154.Three 2 X 10 rough cut Oak planks that measure 22.5 feet long. There is ant damage at 14 feet. These are still green.

155.Three rough cut Oak. Two measure 2 X 10's that are 22.5 feet long. One measures 1 inch thick by 10 inches wide by 22.5 feet long. There is ant damage at 14 feet. These are still Green.

156.Three Live Edge Oak boards. One measures 11 inches wide by 3 feet long. One measures 13 inches wide by 4 feet long. One measures 15 inches wide by 4 feet long. All are still green.

157.A Snowjoe Model 24 SBXR Electric Snowblower. This uses two 12 volt Ion batteries to create a 24 volt snowblower. It has a 24 inch cut. A battery charger is included. This looks new.

158.An weight benchmade by Marcy Pro Training Systems.

159.A Beverage Air refrigerator and prep cooler on caster wheels. The stainless steel top is missing.

160.50 rounds of 7.62x39 Hunting Ammunition. 123 grain SP Bullets. 22 grains of H 4198 powder. 2200 FPS.

161.A new ceiling mount, 42 inch fan with lights. Bright Brass finish.

162.A new Trans Master trailer tire size 4.80-8 on a four hole rim. And a drill press that requires a 1/4 or 3/8 drill.

163.Two 12 inch trailer tires on rims. The tire on the five hole rim is in very poor condition. The four hole rim would make a good spare but does have weather checking on the sidewalls.

164.Three gallons of Lundmark Mark Thane Acrylic floor finish.

165.A Hoan electric sewing machine. The power cord is missing.

166.Two pair of skis with boots. The down hill skis are Dynastar. With European size 24.5 boots. The cross country skis are Track Nova with size 37 boots. If you ski like me - you will need the crutches that are included.

167.A Nordictrack AudioStrider 800. There is a broken plastic cover that could be easily repaired with Model glue. It does not affect using this at all.

168.A four drawer dresser with tongue and groove construction drawers. It stands 44 inches high by 32 inches wide. The ceramic knobs have hay burning horses on them. One knob is missing. This is in solid condition. Made in the USA.

169.A 275 gallon water tank mounted on a shop built trailer made from a truck frame.

170.A cement mixer that is powered by an electric motor.

171.50 rounds of handloaded .45-70 ammunition. 300 grain Ballistic silver tip Bullets. 43.5 grains of IMR 4227 powder. These are suitable for modern .45-70s such as the firearms in lots 5A and 5B.

172.50 rounds of handloaded .45-70 ammunition. 300 grain Ballistic Silver Tip Bullets. 43.5 grains of IMR 4227 powder. These are suitable for modern .45-70s such as the firearms in lots 5A and 5B.

173.20 rounds of .45-70 ammunition made by Hornady. 325 grain FTX. These are for modern lever action action rifles and not for the 140 year old single shots.

174.20 rounds of Federal Premium 300 Winchester Short Magnum ammunition. 165 grain Trophy Bonded Tip.

175.50 rounds of .45ACP ammunition made by Wolf. 230 grain Full Metal Jacket. Steel case.

176.50 rounds of 9mm Luger ammunition made by Independence. 115 grain Hollow Point.

177.50 rounds of 9mm Luger ammunition made by Fiocchi. 115 grain Full Metal Jacket.

178.50 rounds of 9mm Luger ammunition made by PMC. 115 grain Full Metal Jacket.

179.40 rounds of Federal Premium .22-250 Remington ammunition. 55 grain Boat Tail Hollow Point.

180.1000 Number 150 Large Pistol Primers made by Federal.

181.460 large Pistol Primers. Federal. Winchester. And CCI.

182.400 Federal Large Magnum Pistol Primers. Number 155.

183.20 rounds of .357 Magnum ammunition made by Federal. 125 grain Jacketed Hollow Point. This is Personal Defense ammunition.

184.A StrikeMaster 12 volt Electric Ice Auger. This has an internal battery or it can be used with an external battery. It includes a 110 volt charger. A cigarette lighter charger. A jumper cable for using a car battery. And two small 12 volt batteries. This appears to have never been used.

185.A battery operated Tip-Up for ice fishing. This will automatically Jig your bait 1 1/2 inches. It comes with a homemade carry case.

186.Tools, a tool box and tool trays. The tool box measures 18 inches long.

187.Shelving brackets. L shaped hangers. And bolt or small parts bins.

188.A large Havahart live trap model 1089. This is a suitable size for Raccoons.

189.A portable Sheetrock lift. When you own one of these all your friends and relatives come out of the woodwork.

190.A masking tape dispenser rack. And a portable rack to hold a windshield.

191.A propane powered Smoker made by Smoke Hollow.

192.A propane powered refrigerator with a freezer. Made by Danby model DPR 2262W. It stands 56 inches high by 24 inches wide. This was in operating condition when removed from service.

193.An apartment size kitchen range. It measures 20 inches wide. This is set up for natural gas.

194.A commercial beer cooler that measures 80 inches long by 27 inches wide. It is on casters easy moving. This was in operating condition when removed from service.

195.A commercial beer cooler that measures 80 inches long by 27 inches wide. It is on casters for easy moving. This was in operating condition when removed from service.

196.A limited edition Framed print by Schodt called Morning Feed. Number 205 of 450. Including the frame it measures 31 inches long by 25 inches high.

197.A nice commercial wood desk, a matching of drawers, and a top piece. The desk measures 78 inches long.

198.A 42 inch plasma TV made by Zenith. It is missing the power cord and the remote. Untested.

199.A Mr. Heater Big Maxx Natural gas garage/shed heater. 80,000 BTU's. Tested and works. This appears to be like new.

200.A Mr. Heater Big Maxx natural gas garage/shed heater. 50,000 BTU's. This has minor cosmetic damage. Tested and works.

201.A large twin cylinder 2 stage air compressor that will put out 50 CFM at 90 PSI. The pulley measures 16 inches across. The seller states that this was rebuilt.

202.An 18 horsepower Briggs and Stratton twin cylinder vertical shaft motor. Untested.

203.A Goose-Neck to King Pin adapter.

204.A large electric hose reel.

205.An Electro Magnet electric brake.

206.10 pounds of Lake Superior Agates.

207.7 pounds of Agates. Lots of them have been cut. Most are NOT Lake Superior Agates.

208.A back massager and a lamp. Both work.

209.An animal themed quilt that measures 80 inches wide by 86 inches long.

210.A Nesco Roast-Air Oven 6.

211.A Clam ice fishing seat and windbreak. One zipper is broken. A My-Time fishing rod. Two jigging sticks and a fillet knife.

212.Miscellaneous lot that has a Xbox 360, controllers, a router, some games and more.

213.Clear rope lights appears to be about 6 different strings that are different length some are new and some are used - all are untested.

214.A box of approximately 10 SYLVANIA light bulbs that all appear in usable condition

215.Thor riding gear unsure of the size but it appears to be in good usable shape.

216.Twin bed frame with a thin mattress.  All the parts are here and in usable condition.

217.This is a nice - what appears to be new - grill unsure of what it fits so please do your research.

218.Electric fireplace that is 54 inches long 36 inches tall and 11 inches wide seems to work as it should.

219.A shelving unit that is 60 inch long by 37 inches high by 7 inches wide - there is shelves with it, but you my need to make your own.

220.A motor that came from a Yamaha. This comes with what is pictured. Not sure what the condition is or if it is even useable.

221.A two burner stainless steel propane stove that appears to work as it should. Also, what appears to be a new Pet Safe comfort-fit system for little dogs and a hard plastic white and blue sheet.

222.A STIHL saw that is taken apart and not sure if all the pieces are there to get it back together again.

223.A Goodyear tire and rim - the tire size is P195/75R14 and there is a lot of tread left on the tire. There is also a boat seat that is in good shape.

224.Summer time lot.  There is some badminton rackets and birdies,  some water guns and more.

225.Softball/ baseball lot.  There is several bats, gloves and balls.  There is also a batting net - all appear to be in usable shape.

226.A variety of rakes and hoes - all appears to be in usable shape.

227.Two leaf blowers and two weed whippers.  One will have to be put back together.  All untested.

228.This is a nice Ex-Cell 2100 PSI pressure washer. This is 6 horsepower that comes with the hose and tip.  It appears to work as it should.

229.Two 3 and 1/2 ton jacks.  These have a lot of wear and tear on them but still work as they should.

230.A used Hotpoint electric clothes dryer. The power cord is included. This will need the door handle repaired or replaced. The seller states that this was in operating condition when removed from service.

231.A used Craftsman 1/2 horsepower garage door opener.

232.A used utility sink. The legs and a faucet are included.

233.A Rhreem Marathon 85 gallon water heater. 240 volts. This was in operating condition when removed from service.

234.Approximately 100 Collector Playboy magazines. These are the Extra issues not the monthly magazines. Some of these are old enough to have your mother and grandmother in them.

235.Approximately 20 DVD's.  There is a variety of them - please see pictures for titles.

236.20 DVD's.  There is a variety of different ones please see pictures for the titles.

237.A lot of 20 DVD's.  There is a variety of titles please see pictures for names.

238.A Bottom Line sidefinder fishing buddy, a pair of Berne Apparel size large regular insulated coveralls. A Craftsman tool belt and a Visi-flash - all are untested.

239.A couple of magic mudders, a tile cutter. stud finder and a buffer. All appears to be in usable condition.

240.Appears to be a new hard case suit case with wheels. A folding cot, a large teddy bear and a big duffel bag.

241.Eight larger coffee mugs with sayings on them, a plate napkins utensils holder. Six wire baskets, some smaller garbage cans and a wood lock box with no key.

242.Fishing rods in a variety of lengths. There is open reels and close reels - all appears to be in usable shape.

243.A Liberty Garden multi-purpose hose reel model no. 703. Also a Craftsman garage door opener for chain drive and silent drive models.

244.Two boxes of flexible insulated ducting one appears to be the 25 feet the other is unknown. There is some short pieces of PVC a couple straight edge and some copper tubing.

245.Six older hand saws that all look to be in usable condition the longest one is 32 inches and the shortest being about 26 inches.

246.Two window blinds with hardware.  One is 45 inches wide - unsure of the length. The other one is 69 inches wide, also unsure of the length both seem in usable condition.

247.A nice tool lot.  There is a couple staplers - one that is electric and one that is hand powered. A couple of hand saws, nails and drills. There is also some 8 tracks and more.

248.Hand saws, trowels, a set of sockets with a wrench, paint brushes, pliers and much more.

249.Rout-a-sign 2572 looks to be all there and useable, a clock, saw and some templates for wood working.

250.A 12 amp dirt devil ultra swivel glide vacuum with easy-push swivel casters. Also a mirrored picture of a building.

251.A tri-fold Aluminum loading ramp. Suitable for an ATV or if plywood is added - a riding lawn tractor.

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