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Item Description

1.2005 Volvo V 70 , 261204 miles, The ABS check engine light is on could be a sensor they said ,this car looks to be in very good condition, has a little bit of surface rust in the rear quarters, otherwise all doors and rockers look to be very clean ,all glass is good ,everything works, owner stated drove this thing daily. Has heated seats, Power windows and locks, sunroof ,a temperature control right and left side, AM/FM CD audio , drove it around for a few days here everything seems to work as it should. Tires have a boat a quarter inch of tread left should last for a few months size 205 5516's. Has gray leather interior. Still bluebooks between $2600 and $4800. Check out our F and 2 Facebook page for this vehicle running.

2.TMG industrial snow/dozer blade that will fit on a quick attach skid steer or a quick attach for your tractor.  Plow comes with two hydraulics hoses for power angle.  It is a total of 94 1/2 inches wide by 24 inches tall and has a steel cutting edge on the bottom that is made out of 3/8 inch thick steel.  This plow is in very nice condition and ready to go to work for you.

3.Craftsman riding snowblower, that has a 16 hp turbo cool motor, and a 42 inch wide snowblower.  Even after sitting here for a couple of weeks in the bitter cold, it started right up and runs as it should.  Everything seems to work, the belt for the snowblower needs to be adjusted or possibly a new one, I tried the blower with it on it worked for a little while and then popped off.  Check out our Facebook page to see it running on F and 2 Sales.

4.825 2 stage snowblower, that is 25 inches wide.  Snowblower has an eight horsepower Tecumseh motor.  Snowblower did fire with assistance, looks like the spark plug is bad and it could possibly could use some new gas, otherwise ran for a little while and everything seems to work as it should.

5.Older hand tire machine, that looks to be complete.  This tire machine would work great for trailer tires and those tires you have in the garage that you haven't done in a long time.

6.Steel wood stove that measures 23 1/2 inches wide x 19 inches deep and a total of 23 inches tall.  This wood stove is made out of steel with some fire bricks on the inside.  Some of the fire bricks could use replacing or use the ones that are in there as is.

7.10 inch Viper Quick Start gas ice auger.  Auger does have a leak on a couple of the bolts that mount the gas tank to the frame, but could possibly be just a rubber gasket issue.  Auger starts on the first or second pull and otherwise seems to be in good usable condition. Check out our F and 2 Sales Facebook page for it running.

8.Wood stove insert that measures a total of 38 inches wide x 38 inches tall and comes with some stove pipe.  The owner states that it was taken  out for a remodel and was in good working order when it was taken out.

9.Honda HS624 snowblower.  This is a 24 inch wide blower that starts and runs but has a low end knock in the motor, if I was a guessing guy,  I would guess that it's the lower bearing starting to go.

10.Pocket watch by American Vangard Waltham Co, Massachusetts.  21 ruby jewels with number 7011582. Farys ore silver #1.  Patent February 19, 1884.  The back of this says silver, pocket watch seems to wind up and keep time as it should.  It has some scuffing and scratching due to being in people's pockets.

11.Wood icehouse that measures 65 inches wide x 98 inches deep and  is a total of 80 inches tall.  This ice house has one door and two fish holes.  Ice house has easy installation clips and sets up in about 10 minutes with two people.  This has cedar skids on the bottom to drag around on the ice and is made out of 2 x 2 lumber and just plywood.

12.Snapper 5 hp gas snowblower, this started and runs as it should, check out our Facebook page at F and 2 sales for it running.

13.SL 600-HD stair chairlift, made by the Pinnacle Company.  We did plug it in and it does power on, however it looks to be missing possibly a cord or a switch. This is approximately 9 feet long and you can order other extensions for it.  Chair comes with mounting brackets and a seat control button.  The owner said that it was in working order when they took it apart but may have lost one of the switches.

14.Jet bag plastic explorer cargo carrier that measures approximately 3 feet wide x 52 inches long and is about 21 inches tall.  This looks to be in good usable condition and has a lock in the back for keeping your stuff safe.  The key is missing so you will need to get a new key or lock.

15.Snow ski sled that measures approximately 22 inches wide and 73 1/2 inches long, built from very heavy duty poly.  This should work great for pulling the kids behind the snowmobile or just going downhill  as it will last forever.  The poly is about a quarter inch thick.

16.Brinkmann smoke and grill, metal barbecue or smoker.  This is a total of 29 inches tall x 16 inches round and looks to have a propane burner on the bottom.  This would be perfect for ice fishing, camping, pontooning or just around the yard.  

17.4 Goodyear wranglers this size is 275/60 R20. All four look like they have about a quarter of an inch of tread left.  The owner states that these were just taken off to put new tires on.

18.Clam 6800 portable icehouse, with six holes.  This is approximately  7 feet 6 inches long x 70 inches wide.  Everything looks like it's in usable condition, however it does have approximately 10 small holes in it that will need some attention with the black or blue duck tape.

19.Eskimo Traveler icehouse, this is approximately 64 inches by 60 inches.  The zipper does not work, owner had a snap on the top to close it, you could possibly put a few more snaps on it to help secure it shut.  Ice house does have a couple of very small rips in it otherwise it would work good for a day out on the lake.

20.Hauss brand platinum series HS-3 5.1 media lab.  HD home theater system, 1500 W total power, HD TV theater, MP4 audio.  This home theater system is brand new in the box, the right corner has some damage to the box but feels like there's plenty of foam in there to absorb any shock.

21.Orion projector and 72 inch digital projector self locking screen, these are brand new in the box, 4K HDMI high definition multi media interface 3-D this is an R 400 3-D optimize light engine, have your own home theater in your house.

22.Eskimo brand 8 inch ice auger.  This auger starts and runs as it should, blades seems to be very sharp.

23.Poulan 16 inch gas powered chainsaw.  Chainsaw starts, runs and works as it should.  I'm guessing that the person who brought it in didn't know how to put a chain on it because the chain is on backwards.

24.Looks to be just about new, furniture or appliance dolly with strap.  Proudly made in the USA.

25.Eastman Outdoors brand food dehydrator model 38254, that looks to be new.  Dehydrator was plugged in and heats up nicely and has different temperatures settings for different foods.  This comes with directions.  


26.LaCrosse brand extreme cold weather winter boots, size 13.  Boots have a slight discoloring, otherwise they look to be in good usable condition.

27.DeWalt brand DC011 worksite radio and charger with a side compartment to put your Covid mask in.  The radio turned on and looks to be in good condition, everything seems to work as it should.

28.Nylint metal aerial hook-n-ladder truck.  This has a little scuffing from being played with, otherwise looks to be in good collectible condition. This is a total of 30 inches long.

29.Nylint brand yellow scraper toy.  This is metal and looks to be in good collectible condition, the only thing missing that I can see is the rubber exhaust on the cab.  This is a total of 24 1/2 inches long.

30.Columbian number 50, 3 1/2 inch steel bench top vise.  This vise is in good usable condition.  The jaws look to be in good condition and measure from 3 1/2 inches wide up to about 6 inches wide.

31.(19) Weatherby 300 Winchester mag 180 grain bullets.  These are marked hand-loads, powder and grain weight in pictures.

32.(37) 243 Winchester and W-W super Winchester bullets.

33.(31) 338 Winchester mag. All the weights and grains are listed on the slip in the picture.

34.(40) 375 H and H Mags, the grains and weights are in pictures.

35.(10) 350 Remington Mag shells. These are 200 grain.

36.(16) 284 Super Winchester bullets.

37.(75) 38 auto and special shells.

38.(20) 7mm Smokeless central fire cartridges.

39.Rusty tractor seat and a hoe.  Both look to be in good usable condition.  

40.(4) rolls of electrical wire. 2 rolls of 12-3 outdoor UF-B, 1 roll of approximately 40 feet of 14 awg and 1 roll of 12 awg about 36 feet.

41.Nitro BMW-482 bridgeable amplifier, 1000 max Watts.  We were unable to test at our shop

42.Model SE 1010 10 amp battery charger.  This is 6 and 12 V capacity, it was plugged in, powers on and works as it should.

43.(2) Heavy duty steel pads for a plow. These measure 8 1/2 inches long x 3 inches wide and have a 1 1/4 inch shaft.

44.(2) new chrome towel holders by Kohler.  These are both 18 inches long and 4 inches away from wall.

45.WahlDorf brand sound system WD-305HT home theater system power 1000 watts.  Further specifications of this unit are in the photos.  This unit looks to be in good condition, it does gave a ding in the back corner.

46.Vintage kids sized Franklin brand boxing gloves.  These are marked BG 304.

47.Simplicity brand 1/16 scale lawn tractor toy that looks to be new in the box.

48.Hitachi EC 89 air compressor, plugged in and this works as it should.  The only thing I can see that is wrong with it is one of the gauge covers is missing.

49.Durabuilt 19 inch red toolbox.  This toolbox comes with some screwdrivers, a caulking gun, scraper, wire tier, pliers, an oil can, clamps and files.

50.Small red safety gas can, I've never seen one of these before.  Can look to probably hold about a gallon, looks to be in good usable condition.

51.Yellow Clemco hose, looks to be maybe for a pressure painter, it does not say what the pressure is on it, has what looks to be 1/4 inch female fittings on both ends.  Comes with two 14 inch square screens.

52.Slap stapler model HT550, this works as it should.  Stapler comes with a box of 5/16 staples and a box of 9/16 staples for a total of 10,000 staples

53.Looks to be some type of very old punch.  This measures a total of 10 inches tall and seems to work as it should.

54.Very old vintage lamp that stands about 35 inches tall.  The lamp was plugged in and seems to work as it should.

55.Two new in the box floodlights 300 W Max security lights.  Floodlights also come with (2) bags of 3/8 inch clamp connectors.

56.Vintage hand crank feed mill number 0.  This has approximately a 20 inch hand wheel and there has been some brazing done to the one leg that mounts to the table or bench, otherwise it looks to be in usable condition.  It is believed that the inscription says Wilson and brothers, Easton Pennsylvania.

57.Heavy tan colored floor-mats.  There are (5) larger mats for the front area of a vehicle and (4) smaller ones for the rear vehicle area.  With the price of floormats and the amount of snow and slop we already have, these could work in almost any vehicle.

58.Chaps manicure set, this is new in the box and if you look close, it comes in its own metal carrying case to keep everything organized

59.Earrings, earrings and more earrings.  (45) sets of earrings, these are all from the same lady ... I guess she really liked earrings.  These could be used for their intended purpose or could be re-purposed for a crafty project.  

60.HO 900 wireless headphones, turned on the seem to work as they should.  These look to be in very good if not new condition.

61.Badland 2000 pound capacity marine winch, item number 61876.  Winch looks to be in good usable condition, however it is missing the hand crank and the pushbutton plug-in.

62.Multiple outlet plug-ins including a trickle star seven plug, SL Waber six plug and some random three plugs.  These were plugged in (hahahaha) and they all work. 

63.(4) heavy duty wheels.  These have a 6 inch wheel and approximately a 4 inch x 4 1/2 inch metal bases with a four bolt pattern. These all do spin freely.

64.A 12 inch fully articulated Jesse Ventura, man of action figurine.  Jesse looks to be in good condition inside of his box, however the front of the box has some slight delamination in the upper left corner, otherwise very collectible.

65.(34) variously branded kitchen knives that all look to be in new condition.  If you've been complaining that all of your knives went missing after holidays with your relatives you don't have to fret, replacements galore!

66.Nikon cool pix S3000 Digital camera.  This camera has a 4x wide optical zoom lens.  Camera powers on and seems to work as it should, but it will need a battery charge.  Camera comes in a nice leather carrying case.

67.Nikon cool pix 4000 digital camera, this power is on seems to work as it should at some point will need a battery charge also has a leather carrying case.

68.(3) new in the box block heaters for your engine.  These heaters are easy to install, just take out the frost plug, put this in and plug it in.  Great for those freezing cold days that we all know are still lingering out there.

69.Copper wash or beverage tub with both handles.  The tub measures 24 inches long x 12 inches deep and stands approximately 13 inches tall.  This tub has some dents and dings but for its vintage, it looks to be very usable.

70.(53) watches of all different types, styles and brand names.  You can't go wrong with this assortment if you are a collector of watches or are into reselling.

71.2 chains with double hooks and a 1 1/4 inch nylon strap.  The chain on the left is about 42 inches long has a couple of old round loops on it, the other chain is approximately 4 feet long.

72.Variously sized wood drill bits.  Some of these drill bits are adjustable for different sizes.  The bit with the red plastic tip on it looks like it'll adjust out to approximately 8 inch circle

73.Masterlock brand safe space portable personal security to go.  This safe space is new in the package and designed for small items like cell phones, wallets, etc

74.This is a meat or possibly a cheese grinder which seems to be light duty, plugged in and it does work as it should.  Comes with 2 small catching trays and a couple of different blades.

75.DeWalt 18 V XR cordless drill with five batteries and a charger.  This was plugged in and it seems like the charger doesn't work, so if you have one of these it would be good for parts or repair.

76.Shiatsu foot massager with heat.  This was plugged in and seems to work as it should.  Great for if you're sitting around watching TV, you can get yourself a foot massage.

77.(2) hand carved and very detailed wooden ducks.  Each duck is approximately 13 inches long.  Unsure of the artists name as it is hard to decipher but it is on the bottom of the decoy.

78.A beautifully hand carved wood duck that measures approximately 14 inches long.  Unable to decipher it but the artists name is on the bottom of the duck.

79.A large hand carved wood duck that measures approximately 16 inches long and 8 inches wide.  Hard to decipher but the artists initials are on the bottom of the duck.

80.A hand carved wooden duck decoy that measures approximately 14 inches long.  The artists name and initials are on the bottom of the duck but they are very hard to decipher.

81.Very smooth hand carved wood duck that measures approximately 15 1/2 inches long x 7 inches wide.  The artists name and initials are on bottom of the duck but hard to decipher.

82.Hand carved wooden decoy duck that measures approximately 16 1/2 inches long and is 8 inches wide.  This has an area on the bottom where you can hook up your weights to keep it anchored.  The artists name and initials are on bottom of the decoy.

83.HP number 564 Ink cartridges.  These cartridges are brand new in the box.  With all of the kids at home for the last seemingly 14 years, you know what ink costs, wow what a find.

84.HP Photosmart A826 printer that was plugged in and does power on. This is believed to be for plugging into your computer and printing out your own pictures.  This looks to be nearly new.

85.Some very cool serving sets.  Some of these are glass, others are silver plated.  These would be awesome for post Covid get togethers, as it seems to be the new fad to have mismatched serving sets at weddings and gatherings.

86.Small air purifier that appears to have been made in Eveleth MN.  This purifier is approximately 1 foot wide x 8 inches tall x 10 inches deep.  The purifier was plugged in and does seem to work as it should.

87.WA Wiebold and Co. 25 pound small scale, patent dated October 29, 1912.  This scale seems to works as it should and stands approximately 8 1/2 inches tall.  From what I can see it appears as though the scale was made in Chicago.

88.New in the box KAMPKADI portable organizer deluxe.  This is a must have for the camper or tent, comes in its own carry case.

89.(2) "Coca-Cola in bottles 5 cent" pocket knives.  These were made in the US and look to be in good usable condition despite a slight surface rust that could clean up nicely to collectible condition.

90.(2) Roy Roger fold open knives.  The knife on the right is approximately 6 inches long the knife on the left is 2 1/2 inches long with a double knife.  Both knives were made in the USA.

91.Roy Rogers and Trigger 6 inch knife.  This has two knives that fold out with a bottle opener.  This knife was made in the USA.

92.(2) flip open knives.  One of the knives has a compass and a light on it and is a total of 8 inches long.  The other one has other knives and files with opener, total length is about 6 inches long

93.(12) small retractable pocket knives.  These all work, however they do have some surface rust on a few of them.  Knives come with a knife stone.

94.(5) pocket knives with retractable blades.  Some of these have a bottle opener on them, some have damaged areas on their blades that could be easily fixed.

95.(4) retractable knives, that all look to be in good used condition.  Knives have some surface rust that could be easily cleaned up.  One of the knives is even a 4H camco knife, made in USA

96.A small Disneyland Walt Disney product survival knife.  This knife has all kinds of small tools and gadgets on it.  This knife looks mostly to be a collector or souvenir piece.

97.The 10 inch dishonest (or honest) Fishermans knife, that has a measuring tool on each side, great gift for that big-time fisherman.  This also says that it floats...  something fun to test out on the ice while you're waiting for the fish to bite.

98.(4) different size knives with leather cases.  Some of these knives are very old and if you look closely, some of them look like they are homemade.

99.Cordless drills and battery chargers, these are for parts or repair.

100.Multiple plug-in power strips.  These were plugged in and all of these do work as they should.  Also included is a Black & Decker power buffer that has a 6 inch pad, plugged in and this also works.

101.Glassware bowls and small serving trays.  The one on the left back is about 10 inches tall, the round bowl on the right is 6 1/2 inches round x 3 1/2 inches tall.

102.A cookware collection that includes items like new silverware, a pizza cutter, cheese shredder, strainer and some grease splatter screens. This comes in a red porcelain stoneware container.

103.Black storage compartment with two windshield sweepers, a battery jumpstart, red dust mop, 12 V battery floater charger that looks to be new, an air compressor for your 12 V system that also looks to be new, 3/8 hose with suction ball and a small 1 1/4 ratchet strap.

104.SGR amplifier this is a G-10 T plug-in powers on, a Dynex eight port MBPS ethernet switch that looks to be new in the box and an iHome alarm radio system, stick your iPad on there and play tunes with an alarm.

105.A Sears and Roebuck Co, "Little Cook" vintage electric PLAY stove. This stove looks like it has the heating element and plenty of rust.  This would be a great restoration piece or just put on the antique shelf as is.  Don't be fooled, this thing is only 13 inches tall by approximately 14 inches wide and you cannot use this to make bacon and eggs in the morning.

106.Emerson radio/cd/cassette player.  This "boom box" was plugged in and does power on and work as it should.  The left speaker does have to have wires reconnected.

107.Collection of hand tools including drill bits, clamps, electrical clips with hand tool in case, like new 3 inch hole saw bit, small set of must-have glasses screwdrivers, extension magnet and mirror, a staple gun that does work and other miscellaneous tools.

108.Holy sockets!  Sockets and extensions with swivels, these are 1/2, 3/8 and 1/4 inch sockets of all different lengths, these all look to be in good usable condition.

109.20 organizer trays of different colors and a 14 inch plastic toolbox that holds vise grips, drill bits, scrapers, safety glasses, wrenches and miscellaneous screws.

110.A box of pegboard hangers, if I had to guess, I'd say that there's 50 some in the box.  All of these look to be in good usable condition

111.Decoration and gardening focal items.

112.(31) Yellow plates that are 9 inch, 8 inch, 7 inch and 6 inch and two odd ones that are a 6 inch bowl and a 5 inch bowl.  There are five of the 9 inch, four of the 8 inch, nine of the 7 inch and 11 of the 6 inch.

113.(7) Nice food storage containers.  The one that has the turquoise colored lid it is a 9 x 11 inch, the green one on the left has two smaller ones inside with an ice compartment.  The red one is a fold up and down rubber one and the two on the right are approximately 12 1/2 inches tall with a push button on the top to seal them.

114.Zip open Wenger brand briefcase with organizer with a calculator.  This is made by genuine Swiss Army knife, also comes with three new wallets.

115.Two steel winches with one handle.  Winches have approximately a 6 inch wheel for your cable and would work great for that project on lifting the dock this summer or cranking in the big boat.

116.A collection of new nuts, bolts, washers and screws.  If you go to Menards and buy a few of these it's going to cost a lot of money, this guy just did all of the legwork for you.

117.Gun ammo boxes with stickers, (3) gun locks with keys and a cleaning kit with multiple brass wire cleaners.

118.A vintage 50 foot steel tape measure made by the Kelley-How-Thomas Company, Duluth Minnesota.  This is a high-grade tape measure that looks to have a leather outer shield.  This also seems to be in good working condition.

119.A pair of 7 1/2 inch long steel Kleins, made by M Klein and Son, Chicago, USA.  These Klein's are in very good condition.

120.Evil Knievel toy memorabilia.  This includes his chopper and his car both of which seem to work.  His suit looks like a little bit of road rash on it.  Everything comes in the evil Knievel box with his motorcycle on the front.

121.(40) Hornady shells that are 6.5 Creedmoor.  20 of these are 140 grain and 20 of these are 129 grain, brand new in the box.  These shells also come in a very good condition metal cartridge holder.

122.Lightbulbs, lightbulbs and more lightbulbs!  All of these look like they fit in a regular sockets, some are still new in the box, others in the main box I screwed in the other lamps and it seem to work.

123.Keep the car clean this winter with this collection of car restore items.  Also get ready for spring with wasp and hornet spray.  All of these feel like they are full.

124.Black & Decker hedge trimmer that was plugged in and works as it should.  Also about 3/4 of a bottle of weed be gone by ortho.

125.(4) old hand crank grinders, with all the clamps for the tables tops.  All of these grinders have the handles and they look to have the grinder mechanisms with them.  Great for the antique shelf or if you still grind up your hamburger, pork and other edibles.

126.(3) gallon cans of yellow paint.  Two of these our Pittsburgh, one is Maura.  These are all high grades of paint if you're looking to paint something yellow these will get the job done.

127.PPG speedhide, aluminum paint this is a 1 gallon.

128.(3) Light duty aluminum jack stands that have 6 inch square bases and extend in height from approximately 1 foot to 16 inches.

129.(2) what look to be new faucets.  One faucet is polish chrome and the other one looks to be brushed.  These come with new drains and connecting rods. if you want to feel safe during installation of one or both of these faucets, there's a pair of goggles in there for you too.

130.1 gallon of professional Murphy oil soap wood cleaner, new unopened.

131.(7) New carbide blades that are 7 1/4 inches.  One carbide blade with 40 teeth has been used a couple of times.  New in the box primer and glue and a heavy duty staple gun with staples. 

132.Remington electric blower/vacuum that has 200 mph of blowing power.  I'm guessing that you could blow a dry dog turd across your yard over into the neighbors yard in two seconds flat.... or you could get rid of the pesky fall leaves and winter snow with this, your choice.  

133.(2) vintage metal barn lights that will need to be rewired, but have great patina.  These are approximately 16 inches round and will stick out away from the wall about 2 feet.

134.Miscellaneous tools including a vise, chainsaw sharpener, some electrical outlets that are GFI, a Dremel that was plugged in and does work and a funnel.  All of these come in a nice clear plastic carrying case.

135.Stainless steel and plastic drinking containers, all of which look to be in usable condition.

136.Contico brand plastic storage unit with locking front and two tie down areas on each side.  This appears as though it was used on the back of a four wheeler but could also be used on your side by side, snowmobile or whatever application you have for it.  Storage unit measures approximately 32 inches wide x 17 inches deep and 13 1/2 inches tall and looks to be in good usable condition.

137.(81) rounds of Federal 40 caliber Smith & Wesson ammo.  These come in a plastic storage container.

138.For a very old automobile are these vintage electric air horns.  Hook these bad boys up in your vintage or collector car and you'll get the sound you're looking for to turn some heads.

139.(3) vintage handheld lights.  One of these vintage lights has a battery in it and does power on and work, the other two may need bulbs and/or batteries.

140.(20) miniature state and country spoons.  Please see photos for states and countries included in this collection.  All of these are in good collectible condition.  

141.(59) miniature size collectors spoons from different states and countries.  Please see photos for which states and countries are included in this collection.  These are in great collectible condition.  

142.(9) miniature collectors spoons that are silver plated.  Please see photos for which spoons are included in this collection.  All of these are in great collectible condition.  

143.(40) miniature collectors spoons from different states and countries.  Please see photos for which states and countries are included in this collection.  All of these spoons are in good collectible condition.  

144.(58) miniature collectors spoons from different states and countries.  Please see photos for states and countries that are included in this collection.  These spoons are all in good collectible condition.

145.Marble that looks to be made out of stone and/or possibly clay.  The colors in this marble are very different.  This could possibly be very old.

146.Steel bender and stand.  This bender has directions on how to bend your radiuses.  It does not even look like it was ever used, pieces were still in the package and were only taken out for pictures.  This is a total of 38 inches tall.

147.An elephant lighter that is approximately 5 inches long.  It seems to work, however it will need some fluid.  This lighter looks to be very old.

148.Cast-iron lawn water sprayer by Nelson.  This sprayer looks to be in good usable condition and seems to work as it should.  This is a total of 20 inches long, stands about 8 inches tall and the tires in the back are 9 inches wide.

149.An assortment of pots in various sizes.  One pot has a lid and is 11 1/2 inches round x 4 inches tall.  There is a strainer bowl that folds up and also a frying pan with a nonstick surface and a deep fryer that's 7 inches tall 11 inches wide with a handle.

150.Solid wood wall shelving unit that measures about 38 1/4 inches long x 24 inches tall and 5 inches deep.  This is a very nice piece as is or it would make a super cool DIY refurbish project.  

151.2 size large Boeri ski helmets, that fit a youth 56 to 57 cm.  They have a vented top and a buckle underneath for the chin.  These look to be in very good usable condition, perfect for the ski and snowboard season or potentially skateboarding.

152.Two helmets that are made by Boeri.  One helmet is a size medium for approximately 54 to 55 cm, and one size large for  56 to 57 cm, both are youth sizes.  These are both in very good usable condition.

153.Tools including open and closing wrenches, pliers, metal chisels, wood chisel, screwdriver, an old iron and a clip on light that does work.

154.3 drills, two of which are electric.  The Craftsman drill is heavy duty, the other one looks to be like a 3/8 drive and an air driven drill.  All of these were tested and in good working condition.

155.Different types of sports memorabilia including hockey, swimming, football, track, swimsuits and a poster of Barry Sanders.  Please see photos for other memorabilia included.

156.Tools that include a very tiny hydraulic jack that does work, a short strap, some scrapers and other random tools.

157.Tools including a 30 inch long steel crowbar, spark plugs, rope for a chainsaw, safety glasses, a couple pairs of goggles and a chain mender.

158.A collection of all kinds of fasteners, clips, clamps, a battery charger, screws and even a saddle valve for your ice maker.

159.Plastic and metal organizers, including four that are plastic and  approximately 13 1/2 inches long x 3 1/2 inches wide.  One plastic one that is 10 inches long x 3 1/2 inches wide and two metal ones that are 9 x 6 inches.  One that is 15 x 6 and one that is 12 x 6 inches and comes with napkin holder, wood spoons and a wood bowl.

160.Boat anchor retriever.  This mounts on the side of your boat so you can pull your anchor up very easily, these are a must have for anyone who has had the misfortune of having to swim for their anchor...  Made out of steel can be painted any color you want.

161.(3) very old pictures.  Unsure of their era, but if you look at the frames and the backs these are very old.

162.Large retractable hose reel for an air hose.  This seems to work as it should, the reel itself has some rust and could use a paint job.  The end with a quick coupler for the air needs to be replaced, because it's very rusty, other than that it seems to retract as it is supposed to.

163.This is an old-school dartboard that is 18 inches round and comes with three darts that have very sharp tips.  Not sure if kids can use darts this sharp these days?  The darts do need feathers on them. This board doesn't look like it's ever had much use.

164.A duck wear organizer with carrying strap, multiple compartments and looks to be in new condition.  A tool belt with two compartments and a tape holder.

165.A unisex Swiss Wenger design watch with the "unlimited Marlboro" on the back.  Leather band is in very nice condition, this is likely collectible since it is no longer available using Marlboro miles.  

166.Sprinkler and water supplies, a frog kickback sprinkler, water hose splitter, brass size 6 and three-quarter inch nozzle and also another type of water nozzle.

167.3 different locks, two of which are master locks and the other one is a Chicago lock.  All of these have keys and do work.

168.(23) Rolls of first aid plastic tape.  These rolls are 1 inch wide x 10 yards long on each roll, so 230 yards of plastic tape total.  Great for bandaging up the kids but also comes in handy when you run out of scotch tape for wrapping gifts and taping the kids homework back together after the dog chewed on it.

169.Vintage hand saw that is approximately 19 inches long and has two wood handles.  Pick up this little gem and get ready to start peeling some bark.

170.2 stainless steel milk or maple syrup holders with handles.  These are approximately 15 inches round x 8 inches tall.  These containers could use a little cleaning but look to be in good usable condition.

171.A very nice warm oscillating heater that is 23 inches tall x 8 inches wide x 10 inches deep.  This heater warms up very fast and it works as it should.  This has a low and high speed fan and also has a 30 minute, one hour, two hour, three hour, four, five, six hour, seven hour, eight hour and nine hour settings.  This has a very small chip on the top front corner that does not affect its usability.

172.(5) new Marvin replacement thermal window panes.  The wood inside area measures 25 3/4 wide by 53 inches tall.  The white vinyl on the outside measures 26 3/8 inches wide by 53 1/2 inches tall.  These are brand new so if you have any questions call for any other measurements.

173.(4) new Marvin brand replacements panes.  The wood on the inside measures 25 and three-quarter inches wide bike 60 and three-quarter inches tall. The outside white vinyl measures 26 3/8 inches wide by 61 1/2 inches tall and these are a thermal pane.  Please call if you need any other measurements.

174.Double H category one top link that has a 1 inch hole on each end. Completely screwed in, this is 21 inches center to center hole and 32 inches screwed all the way out.

175.An adjustable chair for the edge of a table for little kids to sit with the big people and an adjustable easel for the little shaver.  Both of these look to be in good usable condition.

176.A two part tree climber deer stand.  One part has a padded seat and the other is for your feet, these have ropes to hook them together and they both look to be in good usable condition.

177.2 light foot Aluma craft water skis.  These are aluminum water skis that were found in the boat house attic of the cabin that Jessica Lange bought for her parents in Lake Nebagamon.  These are 69 1/2 inches long x 6 3/4 inches wide and in amazing condition for their age.  These look to be in good usable condition but would make an even better wall hanger conversation piece.

178.Automotive floor jack with a quick lift side foot control.  Unsure of how many pound capacity this jack is for but I am guessing that it will lift a car.  This jack is in working condition.

179.Two very old leaded glass light fixtures.  Both of these light fixtures are approximately 16 inches round and they both have some cracking.  For their age these are in very good condition.

180.Electronic devices including a remote extender, a California amplifier, a remote control extender and a data bank.  All of these look to be in good condition and some of these boxes aren't even open.

181.Outdoors man or woman's set of four retractable knives with tools on them, a deck of cards and a gun cleaner.  All of these are new except the gun cleaner which doesn't look to have much use either.

182.(5) organizers containing various screws, nails, screwdriver bits, cotter pins, screens for your hot/cold water on washers, miscellaneous nuts and bolts.  All of these items look to all be new.

183.Epson Artisan 835 copier, printer, scanner, fax, photo and Wi-Fi machine.  This is a top-of-the-line printer/scanner.  It was plugged in, powers on and everything seems to work as it should.  Even if you only want to use it to make a few prints or copy something what a great machine for the home or office.

184.(3) lightweight aluminum backpack carriers.  There are multiple compartments with zippers on each one, great for a long pack in or just a day walk in the woods, very lightweight and in good usable condition.

185.Electrolux vacuum, WOW is this thing clean!  Vacuum comes with two carpet attachments, a hardwood floor/tile attachment, a box with 15+ bags and small attachments.  Electrolux was plugged in and operates just like the day it was bought.

186.Here are some great pictures from different signed artists and some very low numbers.  These are great as is or re-purpose them by adding your own touch.  

187.Cigarette lighter plug-in utility light and vacuum cleaner, both of these power on at work as they should, come with a set of car jumper cables.

188.Foster Grant +2.00 fold up compact glasses.  There is a light scratch on the left side but when you put them on it's far enough to the left that you don't see it.  Mike from American Pickers hasn't got nothing on you if you get these.

189.(6) Glass bottles in a blue plastic carrying container.  These are all in good usable and/or fillable condition or they would be great for your DYI projects or just bringing in the farm fresh milk.

190.Airtech adjustable 1500 W or 1300 W heater.  This heater has a fan and high and low thermostat settings.  This was plugged in and heats up very quickly, great for by the door where you come in to dry up wetness or for under your desk at work.

191.Pay attention here, I even learned something new... The white pot with the open lid is for a fuel gel that you pour in, ignite and then you can cook right over the top of it, great for camping!  This also comes with two pans, a griddle that works, a waffle iron that also works, a sandwich maker that powers on and works, a strainer, a coffee holder and a coffee cup.

192.Pipe threader in a wood box, 1/4, 3/8, 1/2, 3/4 and 1 inch thread sizes.  This looks to be complete and in good usable condition.

193.Caulking guns, caulking tubes and supplies.  These all look to be full and in good usable condition.

194.Bosch platinum fusion spark plugs (these are very expensive).  The six packs on the right are all about an inch and a 1/6 th of thread, the two packages on the left are about 7/8 of an inch of thread.

195.A vintage collection of old automotive wrenches, these are all open end, and there is even a Blue Point in here.  These tools are great for the collector or DYI crafting projects. These come in to metal containers.

196.(2) Aluminum levels.   The first level is a Highbridge, made in New Jersey, USA.  This Highbridge is very industrial, it does have a couple pieces of broken glass but the bubbles are ok.  Comes with a Stanley hex-a-matic driver, good pair of channel locks, three good usable needle nose pliers.

197.Multicolor organizer that stands a total of 36 inches tall x 13 inches wide x 16 inches deep.  This would work great for all the kids school or art supplies.

198.Humidity control made by Bemis that was plugged in and powers on, it just needs water.  These work great if your house feels dry, we have one of these in our house and it really helps eliminate the extra static, add a bit of an essential oil of your choice to freshen up your house.

199.Wood rocking chair that is in very good condition.  Wicker seat and backrest area are in very nice and intact condition.  

200.Old table top pool game that measures 24 inches wide x 36 inches long and is approximately 5 inches tall.  This can be used for other purposes or projects, maybe even put a piece of glass on top of it and use it for an end table.

201.Chatillon's Iron Clad pull scale, that weighs up to 100 pounds.  The center of this scale is brass, while the other areas to all be steel.

202.Three various food warmers/crocks. Bella kitchen three opening warmer that was plugged in, turned on and works as it should, it is missing one of the covers. A Rival mini crock pot warmer that was plugged in and works as it should. A Toastmaster crock pot that was plugged in and warms up as it should. This would be a great collection for the up coming super bowl parties that we're all going to have. These could all use a good wipe down.

203.An 11 inch round banana holding fruit basket, a Hamilton Beach can opener that was plugged in and works as it should, a large black boiling pot with matching lid that measures 14 inches round x 8 inches tall. (2) matching metal bowls and (2) smaller glass bowls. All could use a good wipe down otherwise appear to be in good usable condition.

204.A hand saw and blade assortment that includes a Buck Bros 16 inch saw with black plastic handle, (2) 6 inch metal saws with blades, a metal saw without a blade, a 6 1/2 inch metal saw with cherry wood handle, a Stanley tool knife, a variety of loose saw blades, (2) wooden saw handles and a metal plug in saw that the thought of plugging it in scares the beejezus out of me... no fear, scott plugged it in ... and it makes an amazing noise as it works as it should.

205.An entertaining set that consists of a Sterling Home brand ceramic baking dish complete with the stand to put small warming canisters under, in beautiful (but in need of a quick washing) condition and ready for your next gathering and a fondue set that measures approximately 12 inches round x 9 inches tall and comes with (12) sticks for your dipping needs.

206.An Oster hair trimming set that includes the clipper with adjustable touch lever blade control, 3 sets of shears, a styling razor, guide combs and instructions on use. Also included is (3) 4 ounce bottles of Hartz brand hot spot medication for dogs and puppies. Get ahead of the groomer this year and get your pup looking pretty right after mud and rain season.

207.A garage package that includes two work lights with extra long cords that were plugged in and work as they should, a Minwax 6 ounce tube of wood filler, a DAP 5.5 ounce tube of Kwik Seal, a 3.25 ounce tuber of Elmer's wood filler and several rolls of masking tape.

208.A Mary Engelbreits "Ann Estelle" collectors doll, stock number 38010 made by Playmates for Target. The doll itself is in unused and collectible condition, the box has some cracking in the plastic that have allowed the doll to get dusty. Guessing that she could be removed from the packaging and dusted off a bit before putting her into a collection of your own, otherwise she would make a very nice doll for a young girl to play with.

209.An All Clad pot set that includes a 10 inch tall x 11 inch round metal pot and a 9 1/2 inch tall x 10 1/2 inch round colander pot and a matching cover to the set. These are very heavy and well built, they look to be in next to if not new condition.

210.A kitchen assortment that includes a Nostalgia electrics brand 3 opening warmer that has all covers, was plugged in and works as it should, a Kitchen Selectives 6 inch round crock pot that was plugged in and works as it should, an 11 inch round metal banana hanging fruit basket , 2 marble colored plastic plates, a strainer and 2 pitchers with covers.

211.A Nautilus bath fan, do it yourself number N688. Bath fan appears to be new in the box and measures approximately 10 inches square x 4 inches thick. A metal "toilet plunger"? I've got to say that I've never seen a metal one but obviously it does exist since you're looking at it and scratching your head just like I am. This measures 26 inches tall including handle, and has a "plunger" size of 7 1/2 inches tall x 8 inches round. To whomever buys this, please video and send result to the rest of our curious selves to see.

212.Want to be the workplace hero? Well here is your solution ... pick up this assortment of coffee mugs and serving trays to cover everyone in the office (make sure to swipe the 3 Campbells tomato soup mugs for yourself for grilled cheese and soup night in front of the tv), swing thru the local store and find some cookies and beverages to serve on and in them and tada, workplace hero!! You're welcome in advance.

213.A brand new Net World sports equipment net, believed to be for volleyball but not positive as it is still rolled together and the packing label does not verify. Net comes with everyone's favorite deserted island/Covid quarantine friend "Wilson", this could be used for its intended purpose or grab a sharpie and make a new friend to get thru the long days of quarantine.

214.A 20 inch wide x 10 inch tall x 10 inch deep radio cooler, perfect for ice fishing, beach days or where ever you head to that needs tunes and beverages. This runs on either a plug in or 4 double A batteries.

215.Maytag Performa dishwasher, owner said was in good working condition when taken out for remodel.  This has a little discoloring on the inside but the owner states that it works as it should.

216.(4) Cooper CSS Grand Touring tires, size 215/70 R 15.  These look to have decent tread on them.

217.(4) Cooper CSS Ultra Touring tires, size 205/65R 15.  These tires have very good tread on them and would make a good replacement or back up set.

218.A two wheeled cart dolly.  Except for the tires being low and needing air on it, this looks to be in good usable condition.

219.Mobile oil brand grease.  There are (3) 5 gallon pails and I'm guessing that there is 12 gallons of grease.

220.(2) 15 gallon empty barrels, great for water barrels or storage.  Also (2) approximately, (2) 1 gallon pales for calves.  These are full of water and ice, that we will have these empty before pick up.

221.Folkcraft Stoneware by Scottyz "Whitetail Deer" collection of dishes, salad plates, bowls and coffee mugs. (8) 11 inch dinner plates, (8) salad plates, (7) 6 inch round x 3 1/2 inch tall bowls and (11) 4 1/2 inch tall coffee mugs, eight of them with a deer pattern and three with a loon pattern. all of these look to be in nearly brand new condition. They are also dishwasher and microwave safe, as well as oven to table.

222.Heavy duty spool that held rope ,this is 3 feet wide 25 inches tall with 2 inch thick on top, 2 inch thick on the bottom, also has a 4 inch hole in the center.

223.New to icefishing? Well here is the assortment for you, this includes (5) ice fishing rods, (3) large bobbers, (2) tip ups, one of which is a Polar brand, (2) rest on the ice rod holders, (2) screw in rod holders, a Lowrance fish lo-k-tor and a lying, I mean measuring stick to get a gauge on how large the big one you reel in really is. All of this comes stored in a large army green colored canvas bag.

224.Here is a sewing assortment that includes a 14 inch wide by 9 inch deep by 8 1/2 inch tall sewing box with miscellaneous accessories inside, and a box full of material pieces great to make your own masks with or start a quilt.

225.A metal box with handle that measures 14 inches wide by 8 inches deep by 15 inches tall, this does have a lock on it but the cover needs to be straightened out in order for it to latch. Also included in this there's a bag full of 7 1/2 inch long zip ties, there is over 100 zip ties in the bag.

226.A garage assortment that includes various nuts, bolts, washers, hinges, nails and a strap that measures 4 inches wide and rolled up 6 inches round. Guaranteed to be something in here for everyone.

227.A Centurion By liberty, made in the USA gun safe. This gun safe measures approximately 59 inches tall by 17 inches deep by 18 inches wide and looks to hold 8 to 10 guns and has a small shelf on the top for ammunition or cleaning supplies. This appears to be in overall good condition but could use a wipe down on the front from being brought in. We will have to check with the owner to see if the combination is available otherwise you will have to use your super sleuth skills to listen to the clicking to figure out the right numbers to get into this

228.A collection of (9) metal handles that each measure approximately 5 to 8 inches long, (2) 9 inch green springs, (11) variously sized bungee cords most of which looks to be in good condition and several black straps that measures 1 inch thick by an undisclosed length long.

229.The garage assortment that includes a 2 speed, 7 inch disc sander, model 940 that was plugged in and works as it should, a leather toolbelt that measures approximately 11 inches wide by 11 inches tall, various stove bolt assortments, a nail and tack assortment, some sheet metal screws, a 1 1/16 inch x 12 inch hinge and a corner heat gun thought to be for carpet or linoleum that was plugged in and it heats up immediately!

230.A hand saw assortment that includes (2) saws with 26 inch blades and wood handles, one with large teeth and one with small teeth, a hand hacksaw that has a 13 inch blade, a Great Neck brand saw that has a nearly 12 inch blade, a box blade saw with a 10 1/2 inch blade and a metal Perber brand saw housing waiting for you to add a blade to it.

231.Vintage torch that measures approximately 11 inches tall with a 6 inch round base and a nice wooden handle. This torch was made by the Clayton and Lambert manufacturing company out of Detroit Michigan and looks to be complete.

232.A sewing assortment that includes several squares of material pre-cut and ready for you to put to use, three pairs of WISS fabric scissors that all appear to work, a SCOVILL Clinton electric scissor that was plugged in and works as it should, many needles, Velcro strips, several yards of red sequins, snap fasteners, seam binding and much much more. if you are into sewing, this will not disappoint.

233.(4) RV camping outlets. The red one is a mighty cord, 15 amp 125 V plug-in. The black triangular one is from camper world and says to be a straight adapter 30-15 bulk. The short yellow one is a Camco 15-30 Dash, RV - a, 15 amp 125 V. The long yellow one is a Marinco 30 amp 125 volt plug in. These all look to be in good condition however they are on tested.

234.A Lasko brand oscillating ceramic heater that measures almost 22 inches tall. This has settings from 60° up to 85° and a timer with one, two and four hour settings. This was plugged in turns on and works and oscillate as it should.

235.14 1/2 inch tall lava lamp, this looks to be in good shape.  Untested as it does need a bulb.

236.New in the box Regent Sheffield knife and scissor set.  This has a wood block holder for the knives and scissor as well.

237.(4) lighter oak colored chairs with a dark grey colored cushions.  The cushions do have some paint spots on them but these are in usable condition as is or could be refinished to fit your style.

238.(3) large tire chains, two of these are 30 inches wide the other is 29 inches wide.  Two of them are approximately 8 feet long the other one to the right is approximately 9 foot 6 inches long.  All of these look to be in good usable condition, could use as they are or make two good longer chains out of these.

239.Pull behind aluminum sled with wood bottom.  The storage area is 5 feet long x 30 inches wide and 11 inches tall.  The sled has aluminum skis and a 3 foot tow-bar, great for the kids or ice fishing. This is in good usable condition.

240.Pull behind fiberglass sled with metal runners and a shock absorption hitch.  This measures 6 feet long x 26 inches wide and 1 foot deep and is in good usable condition.

241.Galvanized snow remover scoop that is 22 1/2 inches wide x 30 inches long and has a galvanized handle.  It appears to be in good working order, however people are more than welcome to come test drive it on sight.

242.An igloo brand ice cube cooler that holds 12 US quarts and an igloo industrial 5 gallon drinking water cooler. Both of these are in clean and usable condition, however the drinking cooler does have part of the spigot broke off but still appears usable. Both of these would be great for taking out on the lake either winter or summer.

243.A Lasko brand space heater it measures 23 inches tall and has high, low, and self setting temperatures on it as well as a timer from 1 to 8 hours. This appears as though it should oscillate however I am unable to figure out how to make it oscillate. It was plugged in and heats up as it should.

244.(2) red 5 gallon metal gas cans with built in handles. These both have metal twist on lids that are attached to the can but do not come with pouring spout.

245.A large assortment of variously sized and shaped screwdrivers. Also included are a couple of Allen wrenches, a 1 inch wide roll of fabric and a lock with key collection. There are three master locks, one Corbin cabinet lock and one federal lock, all of which have the keys and seem to work as they should. This would be a great collection to have just in the back of the vehicle for those quick fixes in the car and on the road. All come stored in a small (roughly a one gallon size) Rubbermaid container.

246.Likely every socket that you have ever needed, lost or will need in your lifetime. If I had to guess I would say that there are over 100 variously sized and shaped sockets included in this assortment. Some of them have surface rust but all of them look as though they are either in usable condition or could be cleaned up to be in usable condition.

247.The start of a Greatest Battles of World War II commemorative coin set. Included is the battle of Midway, June 1942 coin and the battle of Okinawa April - July of 1945 coin and a metal centerpiece showing which coins you need to be in search of. This would be a great starter set for the World War II puff or as a learning tool for younger generations.

248.A tool shop brand 3 inch x 21 inch belt sander, model S1T-SW 3-76 and a Makita brand 3/8 inch power drill, model number 061-5411. Both of these are in good working condition and would make a nice addition to any home tool collection.

249.A Mr Heater sunflower heater head, a Coleman 16 ounce propane bottle and (4) screw on propane torch heads. The sunflower heater head has rust on it but appears to be complete, untested. The Coleman propane tank appears to be full and the four torch head nozzles look to be complete and in good condition.

250.Model Jcp 40 S&W High Point point firearms, comes with three clips ,this looks to be in good condition with not much use. The press and bidding on this is the one who will pick it up there will be a $25 registration fee. Pay for this at F and 2 sales and we will tell you where to pick it up.

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