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Item Description

1.Vintage Hoosier cabinet made by The Tillman Company, this looks to be in very good condition for its age.  The cabinet has three upper glass doors with shelves.  The lower section has three drawers and a door. This cabinet is on wheels and comes with a cookie jar, an iron and a table knife sharpener.  The cabinet is 42 inches wide and 68 inches tall.

2.Vintage cabinet with upper glass shelving area.  This could be used as a Hoosier cabinet or even a dresser.  It measures 36 inches wide and 56 1/2 inches tall.  The key in the upper area works as it should, all hinges and drawers work, this is on wheels.

3.Very nice vintage hutch with mirrors and a beveled glass door.  Hutch has three drawers on the right hand side that all seem to work fine, and an upper shelf area with a door that folds out for letters and office supplies.  This piece measures 37 1/4 inches wide x approximately 70 inches tall and about 11 inches deep.

4.Small vintage cabinet with a glass door on the left side, a fold down secretary area on the right, with a door in the bottom right section. This looks to be in very good condition.  There is one area of lightly dark stain on top.  The cabinet measures 36 inches wide x 58 inches tall x 11 inches deep.

5.Vintage General Store glass cabinet.  The top two pieces of heavy glass look to possibly be the original glass as it still has the bevel, the front piece and left side also look to be original.  The two glass doors in the back all look original. The curved piece on the right side has been replaced with a piece of plexiglass. The overall length of this is almost 72 inches x 25 1/2 inches deep and 37 1/4 inches tall.

6.Front entry piece that says "Welcome Each New Day With Gladness".  The piece is composed of a refurbished door and a shelf connected and comes with a copper looking bowl.  This would be a great front entry way piece or DYI projects.  The piece measures 42 inches wide x 71 1/2 inches tall x 22 inches deep

7.Model 650 Hobart scale serial number 1237408.  Scale was plugged in and does power on.  This is about as precision as you want to get has two cent value and one cent value on the roller dial.  Great to have in any ones shop that weights out items or a neat vintage fixture.

8.DETECTO baby scale beam type.  This is a very cool vintage piece that could be used for its intended purpose or would make nice decor piece.  

9.An older black storage chest.  This chest does have a leather handle on the front and another on one side, there is not a handle on the other side, either it is missing or it was ever supposed to have one. The interior is in rough shape but could be refinished to your likes.  The chest measures 30 inches long x 17 inches wide x 12 inches high.

10.Very old wood chest with some animal paintings on it.  The chest measures 31 1/2 inches long x 16 inches wide x 12 1/2 inches tall. For its age it is in excellent condition.

11.Vintage cabinet with shelves inside, door with handle on front.  This cabinet has great patina as well as nice detail.  Cabinet measures 15 inches wide x 12 inches deep and 23 and three-quarter inches tall.

12.Old school house desk with very nice ornate steel legs.  The desk looks to be in good shape and would be great for its intended purpose or great for a DIY project or refurbishing piece.

13.Very old wood trunk with the owners name and dates when he had it shipped.  The handles on the side look to be forged.  This has steel strap reinforcements with a lock set on the front, we do not have the key.  This trunk measures approximately 30 inches wide x 19 inches deep x 22 inches tall.  Owners name was Theo Bjorklund.

14.Vintage rounded top storage chest.  This chest has leather straps on the front with an old lock system.  The main part of this chest is leather, with metal on the corners as reinforcement and wood slats for when they threw them on the buggies.  Great condition for its age.

15.De Laval brand cream separator, that looks to be complete and still  probably in usable condition.  Separator comes with an extra pot and parts.

16.A262. 6 inch diamond crescent wrench made in Duluth Minnesota in working condition.  Also a small horse shoe.

17.A very large solid wood TV cabinet for your flatscreen.  The cabinet has a power control button and a remote for your TV to go up and down inside the piece.  The lots following this one are matching cabinets to this piece that can be used together or separately and will be sold separately.  Please see our Facebook page for TV piece going up and down.  This cabinet is 62 inches wide and 48 inches tall and will hold a TV 30 1/2 inches tall by 48 inches wide.

18.Solid wood shelf (this piece can sit on the top of the piece in the lot 17) that could you be used in a variety of areas within your home.  The shelf comes with a light fixture above the shelves and measures 64 1/2 inches wide x 47 1/2 inches tall and  20 1/2 inches deep.  This could make a neat DIY fireplace insert home?

19.Two wood cabinets that match lots 17 and 18.  Both cabinets measure 25 3/8 inches wide by 32 inches tall.  Each cabinet  can be used individually, or put together or for whatever you want or they can go to the right and left side of that cabinet 17.

20.Two wood cabinets with shelves (these go on top of lot number 19).  These cabinets each measure total 26 1/4 inches wide x 16 1/2 inches deep and approximately 39 inches tall.  These both have light fixtures in the middle above the top shelf.  These would be great for any project.

21.Broyhill Premium hutch, Sculptra collection.  Hutch measures 77 inches high x 58 inches long x 17 inches deep.  This is a beautiful piece as is or would make a nice DIY or refurbishing project.

22.Silvertone solid state organ and bench.  The organ is in working condition.  The organ measures 39 inches long x 34 inches high and 19 inches deep.  Great for children starting out to seasoned players.   

23.Land brand cedar sweetheart chest.  This measures 53 inches long x 21 inches tall x 17 inches deep.  It is in beautiful condition.  

24.Large TV or entertainment stand. This comes in 2 sections. The larger section in 71 inches high x 56 inches wide. The smaller section is 71 inches high x 24 inches wide. The entire unit is 16 1/2 inches deep. This would make a nice DIY or refurbishing project.

25.(4) card stock posters from Star Wars Episode One.  All four measure 11 x 14 inch in size and appear to be in good condition.


26.Clear bin filled with old plastic Army men and toy accessories.

27.Vintage plastic Army men and a few vehicles and accessories.

28.Vintage plastic Army men and some accessories.

29.(3) off white and gray Betco Clario wall mount soap dispensers. 1 black soap dispenser.  (6+) bags of Soft Soap refills.  (2) hand sanitizer wall mount dispensers with (7) Purcell refills.

30.New sealed in the box Smith equipment Handi Heet. Acetylene Air Kit soudering, brazing, sweating and heating. Nickel plated brass handle for strength and long service. Heavy duty industrial regulator. Synthetic sapphire orifices provided consistent accurate flame control. Easily replaced if obstructed. Torch does not require check valves or flashback arrestors.

31.Yellow 12 x 12 plastic crate filled with vinegar, rug doctor cleaners, Krud kutter, humidifier bacteria treatment, boiled linseed oil, a can of guard and protect.  Most about half full.

32.Green (heavy plastic) Menards Rubbermaid Garbage can with side handles.  Approximately 30 gallons.

33.VR shinecon virtual reality glasses new in the box.  Astoria VR wireless Remote control for android and iOS new in box. Reiko stereo headphones new in he box.

34.VR shinecon virtual reality glasses new in the box. Astoria VR wireless Remote control for android and iOS new in box. Reiko stereo headphones new in he box.

35.Vintage wire metal basket, this basket was from Park Point recreational building, you would put your clothes in it to store while you swam and get them back when you were done.  This basket measures 18 inches long x 11 inches wide x 7 1/2 inches tall and is filled with old newspapers dated back to 1915.  White rope.

36.Black crate filled with 12 rolls of red scotch brand 3M cellophane tape. When pulled from the backing it is not sticky. Label says... repulpable tape finished roll tabbing. Each roll is 3 inch by 60 yards.

37.(5) clear plastic display shelves. All of them are approximately 12 inches wide by 12 inches long. One is bigger than the rest at 9 inches tall x 20 inches long.

38.(3) wall pictures. 1 black framed 21 inch x 17 3/4 inch Solitude photo, the glass is in good condition.  Set of 2 matching army green colored plastic framed branch and bird pictures.  These measure 21 inches x 17 inches. This set is hand painted on a canvas material. One has a glass crack from side to side. They have matching green and red matting. Could be taken apart and redone as the canvas is in good usable shape.

39.(3) beautiful photos of The lake Superior Duluth area in matching frames.  Each picture is matted and framed all measuring 30 inches long x 24 inches tall. Wooden frames could use a little TLC.  Mats and glass are in in good condition.

40.(8) Vintage railroad metal light pieces. Some Say New York Philadelphia Chicago. The Adams in West Lake company

41.Bread pan that measures 9 5/8 x 5 1/2 x 2 3/4 inches filled with vintage metal lids from the Valley Brook Creamery in Superior WI.  (11) red and white ones and (13) silver.

42.Beautiful hand carved wood tick tock clock.  Glass enclosure with hand painted or etched details.  The clock measures 15 inches long x 22 1/2 inches tall x 4 1/2 inches wide.

43.(3) piece set of hand painted pots with gorgeous pink and gold colored details.  Smallest of the three has one handle and stands 5 1/2 inches tall and is 8 1/4 inches round. The pitcher has one handle and measures 10 inches tall.  The largest of the three has two handles and stands 10 inches tall. Center hole is 8 1/2 inches wide and is 13 1/2 inches wide including the handles. On the bottom of the biggest pot has a stamp that says Toulon, Dec 900 and a 12.

44.Stained glass desk lamp, that was plugged in and works.  Glass top is cracked in the back. Top swivels back-and-forth. Lamp measures 13 inches tall x 10 1/2 inches wide. Nice heavy duty metal base. Cord has a clicker switch on it.

45.(2) older railroad lights with arms.  The red glass has no cracks in it.  These appear to be in good condition.  

46.Heavy cast iron pot with metal handle. Bottom stamp says made in the USA.  Pot measures 5 inches tall x 12 inches in diameter.  This looks to be in good usable condition.

47.Cast iron flat round skillet with handle.  Skillet measures 10 3/4 inches in diameter and looks to be in good usable condition. 

48.(2) stackable heavy metal racks, each one measures 8 3/4 inches tall  x 17 3/4 inches long and 5 1/2 inches wide.  Both have round knobs for legs, on the back they also have holes for hanging.  Stacked together they are 17 1/4 inches tall.

49.Scumacker brand Battery charger. 100 amp engine starter. 3012 amp rapid charger. Two amp maintainer. Microprocessor controlled. Float mode monitoring. Reverse hook up protection. Digital display. Battery and alternator tester. Untested.

50.(12) matching stemmed glasses and (2) smaller stemmed glasses.  All look to be in good usable condition.  

51.White Sterilite milk crate like container that contains 5 gas pump handles.  The handles are all approximately 15-16 inches long and look to be in good condition.  These would be great for a pump restoration or a wall hanger piece.

52.Denonet precision AV component multi laser disc player with remote. Missing 1 foot on the bottom. Plugged in and has power. No further testing. AudioOutput and inputs on the back. Video outputs on the back. Model number LA Dash 2150K. Serial number 2061500857.

53.(8) boxes of BD Ultra Fine Pen Needles. Short 8mmx 31G. Universal fit. Maybe used with type a compatible diabetes pen delivery system. Approximately 90 per box.

54.Brand new in the box. 25 count. Overdrive energy saving lamps. 18 white quad compact fluorescent lamps.

55.Kawasaki brand hard shell case with 19.2 V, two speed battery operated drill. Comes with two batteries.  The battery was on the charger for five minutes and the drill worked.

56.Vintage looking metal shelf with kitchen canisters or baking and spice supplies canisters.  Off-white and maroonish brown in color.  The shelf overall measures 23 inches tall x 19 1/2 inches wide x 6 inches deep. Has holes to hang but could sit on a counter as well. Would be a great addition to the home. Canisters are different sizes but all fit nice and neat on the shelf.

57.Two large heavy duty wrenches. Both are approximately 21 inches long and look to be in good usable condition.

58.Black crate with 25 teal and clear insulators in different shapes and sizes.  Some of the insulators say NewYork, Hemingway, Brookfield, and Sterling.  (2) metal vintage looking light hangers, both of which have wires to be hardwired and candle flame looking bulbs.  Both measure approximately 9 1/2 inches.

59.Silver medal hard hat, with markings of Super lite Fibre Metal Chester PA USA.  Looks to be new in the box Bushnell Yardage Pro XGC, untested but appears complete.

60.Metal foldable tape measure and (6) big heavy wrenches in different sizes.  Some of the wrenches say Williams forged in the USA.

61.Vintage barn like structure.  Barn is made of wood and placing glass. Has labels on it for the months of the year.  This could be used as a horse barn for small plastic toys, or used for a squirrel or bird feeder or anything you could imagine.  Barn measures 31 inches long x 17 inches tall x 13 inches wide.  Has two doors on each end that open and close.

62.Vintage aqua colored  phone box.  Phone box measures 20 1/2 inches tall x 9 1/4 inches wide and 9 inches deep.  Extremely heavy. Has holes for mounting.

63.In the box Raheem EcoSense tankless water heater.  Ideal for point of use applications. Continuous hot water on demand. Energy efficient. Compact design fit almost anywhere. One unit temperature control. LEDs indicate active element in standby mode. Standard half inch water connection. Rugged brass copper heat exchanger. Box has water damage. Model number RETE-7.  Unit is untested.

64.(2) new in the package Trail Blazer IV Carbides.

65.Antler chandelier with 6 lights, designed to be hard wired. Chandelier measures approximately 21 1/2 inches in diameter. Antlers and lampshades stand about 8 1/2 inches tall. From the base of the antlers and shades come out about 8 1/2 inches. Could use a little TLC.

66.Clear glass dish stands 8 inches tall and 8 1/4 inch in diameter. 8 inch tall pitcher made of what looks like white milk glass. Wooden battery operated clock. 4 small colored glass drink ware. Brown toned pot with handles and lid which stands 6 inches tall. A set of blue and white plates by Bing and Grondahl Copenhagen Porcelain. Each plate is numbered and has hanging brackets on the back. Most come along with a little booklet. Lincolns new Salem Illinois commemorative plate old English StaffordShire ware. Small oval shaped blue plate serving tray with handles gold design with a watery tree scene. Backstamp says royal Vienna 5734.

67.(16) small vintage books. Most are the Worlds 100 best short stories. Adventure, romance, courage Ghosts, Men, love and Mystery. Dated back to a copyright dates of 1927 by Funk & Wagnails Company. The Bellamy trial by Francis Neuer heart copyright 1927. Bacons essays or counsel syllable and moral of Francis Bacon 1905 copyright.

68.Box of vintage books from various authors.

69.(2) porcelain dolls in boxes.  Angela is from the Knightsbridge collection and she comes with a certificate of authenticity, limited edition, number 1040 of 5000. 17 1/2 inches tall with a hand painted face. Brown long hair, brown eyes, long eyelashes wearing a green rain coats set with match hat, boots and umbrella. From the princess collection Flora comes with a certificate of authenticity, limited addition number 1263 of 5000. She is 17 inches tall with a hand-painted face. Brown hair positioned in an updo with a feather on top and an old vintage dress.

70.Charcoal igniter. Plugged in and heats up quick. Black portable dvd case by case logic. Maestro GPS with cord and case. Untested. CN of lead pieces. New in box Federal Mogul Bearings. A glass corner shelf with 3 metal legs that measures 6 inches tall by 12 inches x 16 inches And a box of from Sears and Kenmore.

71.An older Dremel in case. (3) beer tap rubber mats. New in box Atlant sink drain. A couple of light bulbs. A clear plastic tub of metal pipes.

72.Heavy duty 3/4 inch air impact. Plugged into our small air compressor and seems to work as it should.

73.Milwaukee drill, the cord is frayed, plugged in and does turn on but seems to need new brushes. For parts or repair.

74.Gas powered Craftsman gas blower, this does pull over but was unable to get started may need rebuild.

75.Hitachi 18 V cordless drill ,comes with two batteries and a charger, seems to work as it should.

76.Health-meter scale.  The scale has a dial in the back to zero out and also pins on the side to set your goals.  Perfect for those New Years resolution goals.  Scale unfortunately does not lie and works as it should.

77.Power Master framing nailer, plugged in and seems to work as it should. It is believed that this will shoot size 8 up to size 16 nails.

78.(72) pairs of poly/cotton gloves.  All look to be new in the package and unused.

79.(2) boxes with three different sized wine glasses.  The boxes look to be full and glasses in good usable condition.

80.(12) Dublin pub comedy night admission tickets.   These have a $13 value each.  If you're the winner please call ahead of time for your reservation.  Tickets also come with a Red Bull chalkboard, stainless steel server and 14 plexiglass card holders.

81.(2) Ken-a- vision microscopes.  Both of these power on and look to be in very good condition.

82.(2) clevis' with pins.  The clevis  on the left says 20 ton, the one on the right we are unable to see markings.  Both look to be in good usable condition

83.2 steel tie downs for a trailer or on a truck.  These have approximate inside dimensions of 5 inches they could be welded on or bolted on and look to be in usable condition.

84.(15) Scenery plates that all the names of the scene on the back.  These are dated from 1963-2002.  All look to be in good condition.

85.River City governments size extra, large high visibility rainwear.  This is a three-piece suit, jacket, hood and bibs all in brand new condition.

86.Bodyguard safety gear.  This gear comes with pants and a jacket with a hood inside the collar, size large /extra large.  Brand new in the package.

87.Masters 225,000 - 375,000 BTU propane heater, plugged in and does power on.  The owner stated that it does smell like propane.  It is coming out and sparks but will ignite propane, this could be a bad propane bottle or needs to have the orifice cleaned.

88.(3) brand new over boots, size 8 to 9, 4 to 5 and 12 to 13.  A Rubbermaid upper part mop squeegee, that comes with two mop heads and a microfiber replacement pad.

89.6 foot aluminum Louisville ladder, unfolds and works as it should looks to be in good condition.

90.Miller Genuine Draft partially mirrored advertisement piece.  This measures 34 1/2 inches wide x 26 1/2 inches tall.  Sign is brand new in the box, great for a man cave or collectors piece.  

91.(4) different size camera lenses in a very poorly conditioned case. Comes with flash.  

92.(5) packages of side mount drawer slides/rollers and (5) MGD see through signs.  The signs look to be in good usable or collectible condition.

93.(24) wine glasses that all look to be new.

94.A large 16 inch round x 9 inch tall stainless pot.  This comes with other separator parts.

95.A non skid step bench.  The bench measures 27 inches long by 16 wide and 8 1/2 tall.

96.(6) hard cover books that are in very poor condition, they could possibly be restored or put on a collectors shelf as it.  An empty cardboard Hamm's beer case.

97.(20) Steveco rib type, 84 relay 90-290q, that look to be new.  (3) old thermostats.  (22) new tubes of toothpaste and other random items.

98.(4) Claw foot legs for a tub.  These all look to be in good usable condition.

99.Large roll of bags.  These bags measure 12 x 20 inches.  Not sure how many bags, but there's a lot.

100.(2) 27 foot, double J hook, commercial grade straps.  These have a 10,000 pound break strength and a 3300 pound safe working load. New in the package.

101.(2) double bladed axes.  One axe is nine and three-quarter inches wide, the small red one is almost 8 inches wide.  Red axe looks to be a Vulcan made by Kerry works, the rusty axe looks to be a 32 plumb.

102.(2) commercial double J hook straps that are 27 feet long.  Straps have a 10,000 pound breaking strength and a 3300 pound safe working load.  These are new in the package.

103.Vintage Precise transit stand that is in good working order.  This is very old and has the brass adjustments on the legs and on the points of the bottom.

104.Xbox 360 with 8 games and 2 controllers, this was plugged in and powers on, owner said it works as it should.

105.(2) new in the box Sony  X-plod 3 way speakers, Xs-v1332 . The speakers covers and all parts look to be in good condition.

106.File cabinet in good working order, that has the key.  File cabinet measures 15 inches wide x 18 inches deep and 22 inches tall. Comes with a wood cabinet and 2 metal shelves.  Will need pins.

107.(2) boxes of 2 inch pipe connectors, total of 10 connectors.  (2) boxes of three-quarter inch conduit connectors looks to be 25 in each box.  (4) wall mounted electrical boxes that are very heavy duty and a 20 amp breaker.

108.Two small aquariums/terrariums for whatever type of animal you want to put in them.  These come with all types of supplies, usable with both of them.

109.(2) Hunter brand ceiling fans with changeable colored wood blades.  These look to be complete however they may need a globe to go over the lights based on your desire.

110.XL black and gray Harvard Crimson jacket that has some wear.  This is a very cool old jacket that anyone could wear.

111.A long shelf that measure 6 feet long x 14 1/2 inches wide.  The shelf comes with a poly suitcase/cart stand.

112.(4) Orange cones that are 1 foot tall and in usable condition, also a 16 inch splice culvert connector made of galvanized.

113.Prolix Electrolux vacuum plugged in and powers on and works as it should.  I tried it around the shop, thanks to who ever brought this in for helping me clean up.

114.Bow in a case, case looks to be a good usable condition the bow not so much... This is more of a wall hanger because of its age and one limb is bent, could possibly be repaired.

115.Collection of lead.  This has many pieces of lead to be melted down one solid chunk that's about 2 inches x 2 1/2 inches, a flat bar and other random pieces.  Lead comes with an orange handled form, an electric lead melter with lead in it and other spoons.

116.Very old mobile permazone anti-freeze and summer coolant, 1 gallon can and it's full.  I looked on the Internet to see more of a description of these and I can't find anything on the Mobil brand. Very cool item for a collector piece.

117.River city rain wear jacket bibs with hood, size large this is brand new

118.Bodyguard high visibility safety gear this is size large/ extra large.  This set includes pants, jacket with hood in the collar, new in the package.

119.His and hers high visible bibs.  These are size extra large and size small, great for on the bike or just being seen.

120.Craftsman all in one cutting tool.  This comes with an adjustable gauge, great for cutting plastics, sheet rock and other projects, plugged in and powers on and works as it should.

121.Sony sound system with five speakers digital audio control center. Also an RCA Home theater system with six speakers plugged in and both of these do work.

122.Coleman Insta light camp stove model 425B, that looks to be complete and very clean. This also has the cardboard box that it came in.

123.PS 3 player with three controllers, 13 games, plugged in and powered on.  This also comes with three backpack MP3 player holders

124.Complete service manual for an Onan generator.  If you own a Onan generator this is a must have.

125.Dublin Pub Irish brew cover looks to be the 8 foot top peak piece for over a tent.  Also a 4 foot quad guard and approximately a 3 1/2 to 4 foot skis or other cover with Velcro.

126.1/4 cable by approximately  50 + feet with pin connection on one end, great for a small ATV Winch.  Also a circular 27 inch safety life preserver.

127.Orange hi Viz safety gear, also a facemask and (100) 3/16 toggle bolts all of these are brand new.  There are (3) hats, (4) shirts, (4) pairs of pants and (1) facemask.

128.Hi viz orange safety gear, three hats, six pairs of pants, three vests and one shirt. These are all brand new.

129.Sky caddie, number one rangefinder in Golf, powers on and comes with a USB port car charger, a wall charger and a nice case.  Also a cast-iron 20 inch griddle with a flat side and ribbed side, in good condition.

130.(10) wire tie tools made by electra force.  These are all brand new in the box, part number 89605

131.Small wood gun cabinet that looks to hold 6+ guns, has a storage area underneath and a drawer underneath the guns.  This doesn't have a key with it.  Lower section is about 26 1/2 inches wide, upper section is about 25 inches wide.  Both cabinets on top of each other measure 82 inches.  They can be separated.

132.Bowflex Xtreme2 system.  This machine is in very good condition, owner states that everything works good on it, but that the two small rods are a little weak, but that's kind of normal for that size rod. This comes with all the bars.

133.Onan Emerald One generator from a camper.  Owner states that the motor does run good but will not charge the camper system, it could need a new switch or possibly generator checked out. We did not have the battery to start this.

134.3 commercial grade Baldor electric motors , the 2 in the back or very large 5-1.3 hp 460 volt ,the one in the front is 1.5 hp 208-230/460 volt, these are three phase. Owner said the back 2 were a back up motors and when the front one was taken out of service it was in working condition.

135.Fold up Ab Lounger, this looks to be in good usable condition or you can just use it for watching the game.

136.Small red poly stepstool with storage cabinet under the top step.  This measures 13 1/2 inches wide x 14 inches tall, I would recommend reinforcing bottom step but it does work.

137.(2) spinning wheels with Miller light advertising on them.  These wheels are 23 1/2 inches round on PVC stands.  One is missing the clicker it's just a piece of plastic so you could make another one easily, these would be great for Super Bowl and put your own sayings on them.

138.Guinness electric hour meter.  This piece displays days, hours minutes and seconds in a countdown fashion.  It is brand new and still in the packaging, it was plugged in and does work.

139.Plastic crate full of older auto parts such as starter buttons, light buttons, condensers, points, starter switch, fuel pump relays, spark plugs, fuel pump and a lot of other miscellaneous.

140.Two new in the box wakeboard tower speakers.  These speakers are Rockville, 8 inch, 300 W.  These might even work good on the side-by-side.

141.Variety of letters and numbers in different fonts.  These all look to be brass and when you pick up the bin full of them, they are very heavy. Great for whatever kind of project you have or nameplate with numbers. This bin weighs approximately 24 pounds.

142.Springfield 45-70 this is Harrington and Richardson Inc. was made in Gardner Massachusetts also the USA Model 1873.  This does have a lot of scuffs and scrapes looks like it is in usable condition, probably kicks like a mule. Inside the barrel looks to be in OK condition, this is a single shot. There is a $25 processing fee and this gun will be picked up at a Another location once paid for.

143.(3) boxes of 45-70 rifle shells Hornady, Winchester and Winchester super X. There are 17 shells in the Hornady box, a full 20 shells in the Winchester 300 grain.  Some of these look short in the picture, but they're just pushed down in the styrofoam farther.  And 20 shells in the Winchester super X 300 grain.

144.Metal pole canopy tent with green canvas, unsure of what size the tent is. This is at least a 10 x 10 with a complete Screenhouse bigger than that it's a bonus for you.

145.New in the box, Room Essentials 8 piece cookware set.  

146.(8) watches and a 14k bracelet.  Watch brands include Nautical,Milagro, Lorus, Timex, Luminox, Gv11 and Sarah goventry.  All of the watches look as though they are in usable condition with battery replacement.

147.2007-2013 Camera Source brand back up camera for a car or truck.  Camera looks to be complete with all of the wires and directions for hook up.

148.New box's full of shelving brackets, lightweight suspended ceiling kits to mount other fixtures, a FL 2000 terminal panel, check out the quantity and the serial numbers on these boxes.

149.The ultimate light show.  This set has blinking lights, colored lights, strobe lights, we tried to plug-in all of them to make sure they worked, but some of these have fuses missing or may need a bulb.  This also comes with a black cat foot pedal. 2 DJA-401 Orbiter, (2) Chauvet miniline dancer works, (4) different kind of small LX five LX 10, light quest pros. The strobe and change colors. Derby star with different colored lights works. Also a globe bank with four lights this was plugged in and did not work possibly needs a fuse or bulb. These are a little dusty and could use just a quick wipe down.

150.Ridgid 18 V screw gun and a Ryobi pad sander.  Both tools work as they should.  They come with a carrying case and some sandpaper.

151.(4) table top wood clocks, (2) watches and (2) small clocks.  One of the clocks has Wild Wings, McAdams Canadian advertising on it.  All of these are untested.

152.Some of the old with some of the new.  There are cheese graders, pie pans, knives, a pewter keychain and randoms.

153.Vintage Arrowhead Cooperative creamery glass bottle with handle.  The bottle measures 12 inches tall and does have a small chip about an inch and a half long on the top edge.  A little 3 1/2 inch tall double container with screw on lids.  A 4 inch fold up knife and a cool three sided glass container with possibly plastic or metal Cork lid.

154.Brown glass collection.  12 bottles in a cardboard box all look to be new, also some older silver bottles and other cork bottles.

155.Plastic army men with some cannons, tanks, trucks and background accessories.

156.Collection of military items these look to be a woman's size. Also includes a canteen, a fishing basket, hats, belts... This would be great for a collector.

157.Mitchell 300 series open face reel.  A Gander Mountain open faced reel.  This comes with one musky bait and other rubber accessories with eagle claw different size hooks.

158.New Tramontina brand (9) piece cookware set.  Four of these have lids, the other one is a sauté pan.

159.Asus board that possibly could fit your laptop.  Please see pictures to check numbers and part number for compatibility.  Comes with two Cabela's 6 1/2 inch tall Brass lanterns.

160.(2) Miller light lights for above your computer or cash register.  These are new in the package.

161.(2) diamond plate aluminum toolboxes, these are both in usable condition.  Toolboxes have handles and they have trays inside for tools.  They measure  59 1/2 inches long.

162.Pioneer stereo receiver SX255R, plugged in and does power on.  This comes with the cinema sub also for plug-ins for the speakers comes with five speakers they are all untested.

163.Ski Doo Safari 377 1989.  This snowmobile starts and runs fine, the only thing that I can see wrong with it is that is the lights do not work.  No key switch in it.  It does have the nice primer for the carburetor. Miles meter says 2822.  Please see our Facebook page to see it running.

164.Two wheeled snowmobile mover.  This is in good usable shape comes with the strap for the back bar.

165.Two boxes full of part number 66441152-01.  Comes with Panasonic ceiling mount bracket for a light and two covers model number WVQ169A.

166.6 Precious Moments glass figurines.  All have markings and are in boxes.  They all look to be in good collectible condition.

167.Matching salt and pepper shakers for all seasons.  Also a cow toothpick holder.

168.Small tin train set.  Each one of these train cars are approximately 6 inches long and the front one is approximately 9 inches long.  These look to be in usable or collectible condition.

169.Two ceiling light covers that look to be in good usable condition.  They are at proximately 13 inches round.  (5) light or candle covers these are approximately 6 inches tall with a three-quarter inch hole in the bottom. And a precious moments figurine not in the box.

170.Canadian Eskimo art.  This piece is very heavy ... not sure if he's trying to pick up a seal or ... Would make a nice paperweight and conversation piece for any office.

171.Collectables items including an Old style cardboard beer case, voltmeter, fire extinguisher, varnish Can, Coca-Cola bottle, wood tap, some foreign and overseas money, stamps and war items.

172.7 old-school wood arrows in a box, also a couple leather holders for postal, arrows and large item.

173.A hard tire two wheeled dolly.  It seems to work fine, however the one side has a bend in the support, it could possibly be pounded back into shape.

174.Very old fine stone wheel with steel shaft in the center. This is approximately 17 inches round and 3 3/4 inches wide.

175.Instant pop up tent that possibly looks to be a dark house with aluminum poles.  The tent measures approximately 4 feet wide by 8 feet.  Does have a few small holes but looks to be in usable condition

176.Lamps of various types and sizes, vintage plates and small figurines.  Also included are several placemats and napkin rings.

177.RCA Victor new vista color tv, radio and record player set.  This set does power on but it is untested beyond that.  The overall measurements of the unit are 62 inches long x 31 inches high x 22 inches deep.  This could be used as a vintage piece or made into an awesome DIY or refurbishing project.  

178.Set of (3) Broyhill wooden chairs, made in 1962.  Two of these have arms, one does not.  These look to be in sturdy condition, would make a nice DIY or refurbishment project.  

179.(2) large kettles.  The bigger kettle is 15 inches round by 15 inches deep.  The smaller kettle with the lid is 12 inches round  x 10 1/2 inches deep.  Also comes with a strainer with handles that is 13 inches round x 11 1/2 inches deep and has some serving dishes inside.

180.(4) round stainless steel drop in containers.  Three of them are 7 inch, the bigger one is 9 1/2 inch and comes with a lid.  The pan in the front is 20 x 13 and the two smaller ones on the right are 6 x 7.

181.Nice little Rheem EcoSense tankless water heater that mounts underneath the cabinet for constant hot water.  This has a half-inch water connection and is new in the box

182.4 new in the box photo album holders.

183.Commercial water sprayer and several rectangle and round metal lids.  The 19 rectangle lids are 12 5/8 x 10 1/2 the 13 round ones are 11 1/2 inches and 4 9 11/2 inches. Comes in a plastic wash tote.

184.Stainless steel lids and one container with a plastic lid. Container with plastic lid is 10 1/4 x 12 1/2.  (4) larger round lids are 11 1/2.  (7) small round lids are 9 1/2.  (13) rectangle lids are 12 5/8 x 10 1/2.  Give these babies a little grease and the entire family can have a sledding adventure at the local hill!

185.(4) kettles from largest to smallest 13 inches round, 11 inches round,10 inches round and 9 1/2 inches round.  Also 4 plastic servers these are 6 1/2 inches round and 5 inches round.

186.MX 1050 Waring commercial blender, this is for parts or repair only, when plugged in, it powered on but when we hit the motion switch it popped the breaker. Also comes with a 10 inch frying pan, strainer, pie plate and plastic tote.

187.Stanley heater.  This was plugged in and powered on and heats up as it should, nice heater for under your desk or in a small area

188.4 commercial grade pots that are all in good usable condition.  These from largest to smallest are 10 1/2 inches, 9 1/2 inches, 9 inch and 8 inches

189.Collection of hunting jackets, shirts, lock, rifle cleaning kit, even an apron, these are all size medium great for yourself or a gift

190.6 x 8 foot tarp new in the package.  (2) water filters, new in the box and a red packable stadium blanket with Baileys advertising, it measures 50 1/2 x 60 inches and has a felt liner on the inside.

191.(2) camper mirrors and a spring cord for your plug-in. These are in good usable condition.

192.New paint sprayer, a new replacement tube 13 x 4 x 6 and a new pushbutton with an actuator for your car trunk.  Also included are bungee cords and seven clips ... these work great to keep the kids out of the potato chips.

193.(3) large pots.  Two of these have lids and the smaller one has two lids, the sizes are 12 inch, 10 inch and the small one on the right is also a 10 inch.

194.Motorola electric control, (6) 20w halogen lights in a plastic container.

195.Vintage head lamp, looks to be a gas miners lamp. Very good condition.

196.Warm and cold center console.  This is for your car, truck or side by side. Owner stated that it does work.

197.Nice older Craftsman table saw, with this type of cord we could not plug in.


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