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Item Description

1.A vintage horse drawn sleigh. The sleigh measures nearly 9 feet long by 4 feet wide with wooden runners. The runners and the bed of the sleigh appear to be in good condition, there is no seat however but could easily be added. This would make a great winter project for horse lovers or a re-purposed project for your garden yard or anything else that you set your mind to.

2.A vintage John Deere Green believe to be diesel tank. The tank measures approximately 40 inches long by 10 inches deep by 32 inches tall and looks to be in good usable condition.

3.Dunlite Power equipment by Onan, 5000 generator. Model number 5GRBA-378A. Rated for 4800 W, 40/20 A, 120/240 V, 1 phase. The motor portion of this runs well but the generator part wants to die out, may need a bearing. Check out the video of it running on our Facebook page.

4.Gay 90’s Whiz Bang popcorn machine. The machine itself measures 27 inches wide by 19 1/2 inches deep by 36 inches tall. The overall measurements are 42 inches wide by 24 inches deep by 69 inches tall while the popcorn machine is sitting on its cart. This has a storage area in the back that measures 24 inches wide by 19 inches deep for all of your popcorn supplies. Rolls easily. This machine could use an overall good cleaning, plugged in and powered on, untested beyond that.

5.(3) Win-holt brand “the total source” rolling baking racks with room for 10 pans. These measure approximately 30 inches wide by 20 inches deep by 70 inches tall including wheels with the spacing between racks being approximately 6 inches. (2) Rolling baking racks with room for 22 pans. These measure approximately 30 inches wide by 20 inches deep by 65 inches tall including wheels with the spacing between the racks being approximately 2 1/2 inches.

6.A Lacrosse brand NSF stainless steel prep table. This table measures approximately 36 inches wide by 32 inches deep (including the removable front shelf or 22 inches deep with it removed) x 30 1/2 inches tall at the shortest point and 36 inches tall at the tallest point. This prep table has a removable grated top And features a sink drain in the smooth surface below the grated top. This is in brand new condition but will need a wipe down from storage and transport.

7.Vintage cultivator that has one broken handle. This would make a great garden or decorative piece.

8.A Lacrosse brand NSF stainless steel prep table. This prep table measures approximately 36 inches wide by 26 inches deep by 30 inches tall at its shortest point and 36 inches tall at the tallest point. This has a removable grated top and features a drain in the smooth portion of the table under the grated top. This is in brand new condition but will need to be wiped down from storage and transport.

9.A lacrosse brand NSF stainless steel prep table. Prep table measures 24 inches wide by 24 inches deep 530 inches tall at the shortest point and 36 inches tall at the tallest point. This has a removable table top with drainage holes in it to reveal a smooth surface underneath with a drain. This is in brand new condition. The prep table also comes with a 24 inch wide by 24 inch deep by 20 inch tall stainless steel stand.

10.A Weatherguard brand Metal shelf. The shelf measures 42 inches wide by 13 inches deep by 36 inches tall and has three shelves. Each shelf has adjustable and removable brackets to make compartments bigger or smaller or not have any at all. Shelf is very well-built and sturdy, would make a great addition to a garage or a trailer or van for storage.

11.Push broom and mop replacement head assortment. This includes (12) “thank you” tip trays, measuring 4 1/2 x 6 1/2 inches. (3) 3 1/2 inch x 48 inch white dust moping refills, cotton, open tops. (3) 24 inch Infinity Twist 4A6 blue dust moping refills with side pocket attaching. (1) 18 inch Infinity Twist 3A18 green dust moping refill, pocket attach. (1) Rubbermaid commercial super switch medium replacement mop head. (1) Rubbermaid commercial Dura Pro 32 oz 8-ply mop head replacement. All of these are new in the packages.

12.Restaurant assortment that includes (4) packages of BarMaid tap caps, 12 caps per package. (2) packages of 10 inch bamboo skewers, (4) plastic steak markers, “medium well-brown”, (3) boxes of plastic steak markers, “medium-blue”, (1) pox of plastic steak markers, “medium rare-pink”, (1) box of plastic arrow picks- white. (2) Winco metal spoons with hard plastic handles, 13 inches long. (5)Crestware 15 inch basting spoons and (1) Crestware solid 15 inch basting spoon with hard plastic grip handle, (1) Royal Industries skimmer with 13 inch handle and 6 inch skimmer basket. All of these are new in the packaging, great for a restaurant or any one who cooks better than Kris...

13.A cleaning assortment for home or business. This assortment includes a 24 inch fine bristled brush, (4) Genuine Asian Dusters with Texas feathers, (3) 24 inch dusting wands that are made of a fluffy type material. (2) soft headed toilet brushes, (3) Winco 11 inch dust brushes, (2) Rubbermaid mini duster and dustpan sets and (2) Rubbermaid vinyl replacement bags for cart number 6150 (please google to see which cart these belong to). All of these products are new in the packaging.

14.A grilling or restaurant assortment that includes (7) Winco 13 inch oil mops used for basting and preparing meats (could be used for alternate purposes as well), (3) Crestware brand 8 1/2 inch pot scrubbing brushes with hard bristles. A Georgia-Pacific countertop folded towel dispenser, item number 56640 and (2) boxes of 12 “thank you” tip trays that measure 4 1/2 inches x 6 1/2 inches. All items are brand new in the packaging.

15.Tork brand SCA wall mount and freestanding toilet paper dispensers. (1) freestanding Tork toilet paper dispenser that measures approximately 8 inches wide x 8 inches deep x 18 inches tall, this could be removed from the stand and mounted to the wall as well, comes with key. (2) Tork brand SCA wall mounted toilet paper dispensers, both have the hardware inside for mounting and come with keys, designed to take a commercial sized roll of toilet paper. An assortment of 15-75 watt light bulbs.

16.(3) Winco brand straw dispenser, one new in the box, others used for display purposes only. These hold full sized straws and are top loading, turn style dispensers. (1) sipper/stir straw dispenser, used for display purposes only, top loading, turn style dispensing.

17.1 1/2 boxes of 4 inch easy trim, self adhesive Nafco brand wall base, beige in color. Schlage brand professional grade security lock that looks to be in new condition just shifted around in the box. A 6 foot #10 25 amp, 250 volt Carol dryer cord. An L.P gas box with on/off dial. A Harper Wyman Co gauge. (4) 5 1/2 inch screws with nuts, (2) baggies full of orifaces, a wall mount and (2) metal legs hooked to a connector with screw and wing nut.

18.(3) Prime Source brand 800 ml white hand soap dispensers that are new in the packaging. (1) The Tidy System 800/1100 ml dispenser, new in the package. (1) Micro Vectair Marvalosa 3000 aerosol dispenser, new in the box. Great for home, garage, business or just about anywhere.

19.Individually wrapped plastic knives, original count is 1000, box is open and approximately 90% full. Sweetheart brand plastic knives, unwrapped, original count is 1000 and the box is approximately 95% full. A baggie full of (100) silver colored, unwrapped plastic spoons. Great for family get togethers, work outings or next years Super Bowl party.

20.(14) Winco Brand 11 inch wood underliner for aluminum platter serving trays. These could be used with or without the aluminum platters (not included) as plates, serving platters, decor or repurposing projects.

21.(9) tall and one short table top ketchup dispensers, (1) adorable ketchup and mustard dispenser displayed on a metal grill, a set of salt and pepper shakers, (3) 2 quart space saver containers. (6) 1/2 gallon glass milk containers in a blue plastic storage crate.

22.A new in the box Rubbermaid brand sanitary napkin receptacle along with an opened but looks to be full box of printed sanitary napkin bags (approximately 2000 bags). Great for a business, porta potty, etc

23.A Tork brand wall mount toilet paper dispenser and a Kimberly-Clark brand Wall mount interleaved bathroom tissue dispenser. Both of these are new in the box with mounting hardware and keys.

24.(6) bags of size 18 inch, style number 15805 PolyGard protective apparel (hair nets), (2) bags of Royal size 21 inch bouffant caps, 100 count (one bag not pictured but new in package). These are all new in the package.

25.A large assortment of 3 inch round metal lids, these fit on glass bases for items like sugar, cinnamon, etc. A Taylor brand thermometer. (4) heavy duty cheese slicers with a box full of parts to fix them and the (3) ice cream scoopers heads. (3) #412 valve washers for Kidde cream whipper model 8. An Iona ice crusher that appears to fit on a blender, missing the cup.


26.(11) Basting Brushes (6) Winco #108 brand, 3 inch basting brushes with wooden handles. (5) 3 inch wide, plastic handled basting brushes with pot hangers. A package of plastic “well” meat markers.

27.(3) stirring stick dispensers, new in the box. (1) box of individually wrapped 7.75 inch straws. (3) Winco brand tip trays, 12 trays per box. (2) bags of unwrapped straws.

28.(2) lightweight metal storage cabinets. These can easily be mounted on the wall or freestanding. The blue container has 24 individual storage trays that can be divided. The orange cabinet has 27 individual containers that could be divided. These are in good usable condition.

29.(1) Georgia Pacific Cormatic 2 roll wall mounted toilet paper dispenser, new in the box. A box of printed water glass bags, approximately 2000 bags, the bags are a waxy material and could be repurposed, new in the box.

30.A First American payment system that hooks to your computer, serial number 206271. This looks to be complete, unable to plug in due to no computer tower. A box full of shelving brackets, and peg board brackets.

31.A box full of plastic faucets. There are two different styles, (18) with on/off quick serve taps and (7) with a larger off/on handle. All have twist on attachment. These are all new in the box.

32.A cleaning assortment including (5) 15 inch round dusting/mop heads with approximately a 2 inch canvas area in the middle to connect them to your handle. (3) blue dusting brushes made to attach to a broom or similar handle, great for dusting fans and high, hard to reach places. (2) sealed packages of Eureka Janitized F & G commercial vacuum bags. (1) bag of replacement vacuum bags for and Oreck XL upright vacuum and (1) package of vacuum cleaner bags for an unknown machine.

33.Waiter/waitress aprons. (3) packages of white waist tie cotton aprons (5 total aprons). (12) 21 inch wide x 11 inch tall, two pocketed leather aprons with adjustable waist strap. (2) plastic serving trays that measure 13 1/2 inches wide x 10 1/2 inches deep. All of these items are in brand new condition. Perfect for not only the food service business but also could be repurposed into tool belts or anything else.

34.Toilet paper dispensers, new in the box. Tork brand SCA toilet paper dispenser, model 34 00 82, Wall mountable Quartz T1 System, with key. Triroll smoke #20302 wall mountable toilet paper dispenser, with key.

35.Approximately (50) rubber chair leg sliders, likely for metal chairs. (8) metal floor sliders for chairs or table legs. All of these are in new condition and come in a yellow garage storage box that measures approximately 8 1/2 inches wide x 15 inches deep x 7 inches tall.

36.Brand new in the boxes, check holders. (5) silver colored with black plastic bottoms, item number 38CC25 that measure 4 inches wide x 3 inches deep. (4) gold colored with black plastic bottoms, that measure 7 inches wide x 4 inches deep. (3) 4 inch square Winco brand egg rings.

37.(2) Georgia Pacific paper towel dispensers. The first is a Georgia Pacific model number 54338, push paddle roll towel dispenser, new in the box with key. The second is a Georgia Pacific pull down roll towel dispenser that does not have a key, key can be purchased on amazon for a couple of dollars.

38.(2) Winco brand 10 inch wide brass bristle with metal scraper brush on a Winco brand 36 inch wood handle. These are brand new and would make an amazing BBQ scraper, oven brush, pizza ovens, or whatever application you have for it.

39.A large chemical and cleaning assortment that includes (2) bottles of green works multipurpose clean, Guardsman furniture polish, a gallon of Fast Orange hand cleaner, a bottle of restroom cleaner, Nyco super shine ss stainless cleaner and polish, wall to wall carpet cleaner big bicep cleaner concentrate, rust remover, X-treme all surface degreaser, Spartan dust and mop treatment, showtime all purpose cleaner, Spic and span degreaser and (7) bottles of Rubbermaid Microburst 3000 air neutralizer. Most of these are full.

40.(11) bottles of 1 quart (946 ml) Cerise water soluble deodorant and (1) Quart (946 ml) sunburst water soluble deodorant. These are all brand new. Directions are included on the bottle and in paper form for applications and mixing instructions.

41.A sealed 5 gallon pail of Pureshine 25 high solids, high gloss finish by essential industries. This can be used to remove old waxes, sealers and finishes. One gallon covers up to 3000 square feet.

42.(7) metal storage trays that measure 20 1/2 inches long x 6 1/2 inches deep x 4 inches tall. (1) metal storage tray that measures 20 1/2 inches long x 6 1/2 inches deep x 6 inches tall. These are all in good usable condition but if used for food grade, they would need a good cleaning.

43.A full box of disposable polyethylene aprons that measure 28 x 46 inches, box appears to be full, approximately 1000 aprons. A nearly full box of wax napkin sanitary liners, approximately 225 bags. Approximately (50) 16 inch square trash liner bags.

44.Hedman Company, F and E check protector company royal premier model, serial number 5082568. All buttons appear to be functional and the handle moves back and forth as it should, unsure of its condition beyond that.

45.This fun office lot contains a little bit of this and a little bit of that, everything you need to get your home office started. Included are a three ring binder one large black one and one small white one, a file holder, and a large box of plastic first aid tape. There are two brand new unopened packages of oxford twin pocket portfolios each containing 10 folders. There are two dry erase boards one comes with a marker attach the other is a day of the week dry erase board with a cork bottom, Also a small fan and a lamp. There is also a vintage wood what I would assume to be address or billing book with old names and addresses in it From Duluth and surrounding areas. There is a cool metal basket with a wood frame saying old country farm a green bucket and three little black buckets all to organize every little thing that you would need.

46.This lot contains vintage toys, 2 cool vintage tractors, and a cool vintage trailer, all with beautiful patina. The first tractor is an international 886 model and seems to be in pretty good working condition, the second tractor says scale models and could use a little TLC. The trailer which is my favorite, is a WYANDOTTE truck lines trailer made in the USA.

47.This cool boat which is about 22 to 24 inches long is made of all wood with metal accents. It is very detailed and well made. There are even little cannons sticking out of the side. This would make an awesome decoration in a man cave or just bout anywhere.

48.A beautiful wall collection including (2) metal pieces that measure 32 inches long x 8 inches tall.  A squared mirror piece that measures 40 inches long x 8 inches tall.  A cross shaped metal decor piece that measures 30 1/4 inches in either direction.  All pieces are in perfect condition and would make a nice accent to any wall.

49.An American flag canvas print that measures 30 inches wide x 20 inches tall and 1 1/2 inches thick.  A wooden LAUGH sign that measures 39 1/2 inches wide x 10 inches tall x 3/4 inches thick and has a wire hanger on the back. 

50.This here is a little kitchen lot, included for your using pleasure is a silver ware organizer a little tackle box thing and 3 red and black plaid Christmas cookie containers. Also included is a box of lids, cuz we can all use more lids right...lol. There is a box containing 12 refillable ketchup containers, now i know what your thinking who needs that many ketchup squirters but let me tell you these could be great for the kiddos who like to a paint or for a family reunion picnic. And last but not least are 3 heavy duty glass containers, 2 with lids one without. The best part about these containers is one even has sea shells and sand from Florida.

51.This cool little lot contains a whole lot of sewing this and that’s. There’s buttons and pins and scissors and patches galore everything you would need for a sewing emergency. Also included is this awesome little car vacuum that plugs right into your cigarette lighter, perfect for when the little rug rats spill yet another bag of crushed chips or snacks all over your car.

52.Black 11 inch Cast iron casserole dish, has some chipping and looks to have been used on an oven for water.

53.Two brand new pairs of bodyguard yellow/boots these are great for concrete also slides right over your shoes. Size 9 and size 13.

54.(4) boxes that include a never rust shower curtain, a Bernini LF-042-BNCC chrome bathroom faucet, a Brita auxiliary faucet and a full flow water filtration system.

55.(12) New bottles of Misty Green oven cleaner, these lift and remove baked on spills, just spray on let set, wipe clean and rinse.  Misty Green is all organic, 1 quart per container.

56.(300) Royal Classy Caps, there were unopened, I opened to take a picture.  Great for restaurant use, a school project or whatever your application is.  

57.Sea Rebel blow up boat.  The boat has a pump and collapsible oars. Owner says it’s like new and hold airs.

58.(9) Brushes, five of these are Carlisle hand and nail brushes with hangers, two toilet brushes and two small hand brushes.  These brushes are all new.

59.Commercial coffee pot new parts, if you have a commercial coffee maker or more this one is for you.

60.Best I can count around 4000+ of different style placemats great for any house or business.

61.(2) New light fixtures.  One is a three light with shades that  is complete.  The second one is a five light it is missing the shades.

62.(4) brand new stainless steel lid dispensers.  Two of these are 4 inches round, the other two are 3 1/2 inches round.

63.(6) new pump dispenser’s with 4 new bottles of liquid soap, 1 hand sanitizer, 2 dial foaming soaps.

64.(5) gallons of uppercut heavyweight stripper for the big jobs.  All bottles are brand new.

65.(3) new 1 gallon bottles of lotion soap, these work good for your refills.

66.(4) New 1 gallon bottles of high solid finish.  Three of these are Durabrite HS and one is a G2 green finish. All would work great for that new look.

67.(7) brand new stainless steel containers with lids.  These are 7 inches tall and look like they’ll fit in a 5 inch hole of your stainless steel table.  These would be great for serving.

68.New toilet paper dispensers, one large roll, a double roll wall unit, a tissue dispenser and also a tissue paper bin that has sticky tape on the back to stick it to the wall.  One long paper towel holder and two small toilet paper dispensers that screw to the wall.  This would be a great upgrade for anyone’s porta potty or business.

69.(4) new bottles of hand sanitizer these are 27 fluid ounces.

70.New 5 gallon container of New dimensions bright boy this comes with a pair of rubber gloves.

71.18 volt Snap on tools and charger. These all power on and do work . One is a drill, a half-inch impact and a sawzal owner states the sawzal has to be used on high speed.

72.An assortment of cleaning solutions; 1 and 1/2 gallons of ‘Maxim’ brand neutral disinfectant, 1 and 1/4 gallon ‘QA concentrated solution’ kitchen and bathroom cleaner, 1 gallon ‘Quat 44’ disinfectant cleaner/fungicide, 1 gallon ‘Prime Source’ Germicidal ultra bleach, 1/4 gallon ‘Pure Bright” germicidal ultra bleach, 2 QT ‘pure bright’ clear ammonia, 3/4 of 1 pint bottle of 70% rubbing alcohol, 3/4 of 1 QT ‘Austin’s’ clear ammonia, 1/4 and just 1/3 bottles of ultra concentrate squeegee off window cleaner.

73.Carpet and Hard floor cleaner lot, 41 1/4 (32 oz) bottles or 2 cases of “Essential Industries” ‘Odor Digestant’ for carpet and hard surfaces. Industrial cleaner mainly used for kitchen bathrooms and commercial carpet cleaning.

74.“Big D” water soluble deodorant ‘cerise’ concentrated Industrial/commercial cleaner. Box of 12 1 Quart bottles. Instructions for use included in case.

75.3M Blue Cleaner Pads for industrial floor polisher/ cleaner 14 inches across x 1 inch thick 35mm. Box contains 3 new pads

76.3M blue cleaner Scrubbing pads 3 pads at 16 inches across x 1 inch thick green in color, 3M blue cleaner polishing pad red in color 1 Pad at 17 inches across and 1 inch thick. Pads are used for industrial floor polisher/cleaners.

77.5 count 3M blue cleaner pads 19 inches across by 1 inch thick 3 separate grit. 2x Darker grey colored is closer to steel wool, 1x green is mid scrubbing quality, 2x red pad is a buffer pad. All pads are for an industrial floor cleaner/ polisher

78.Power washer pressure washer system premium with 1600 psi. Pressure washer is in need of some tlc, the cord is cut but could easily be repaired and it does not come with the hose. Because there is no cord this is untested. (2) Behrens 10 quart galvanized steel utility pails, both appear to be in good usable condition. One brand new can of Claire down and out flying insect killer, to have full cans of PT515 wasp freeze hornet and wasp killer, one full can of Claire bug buster insect killer. 1/2 gallon of round up ready to use weed and grass killer with spray nozzle, a Nelson brand sprinkler and an unopened roll of easy Gardener 100% natural burlap all purpose earth friendly fabric.

79.14 inch in diameter and 2 in thick floor scrubbing pad for floor polisher.  In new condition.

80.3M buffer pads, 2 x 15 inch across by 1 inch thick brown in color, 2x 14 inch across by 1 inch thick red in color, 1x 12 inch by 3/4 inch buffing pads tan in color. Used for industrial floor polishers/ buffers.

81.(15) 1 quart bottles of “Big D” sunburst water soluable deodorant commercial cleaner.

82.“Essential Industries” Buff n’ Clean spray buff compound used to clean vinyl (or the like) material floors. 6 and 1/4 x 1 quart bottles.

83.2 commercial toilet paper holders 2 roll capacity, Smoke in color, One is cascades tandem brand and the other is Tork brand

84.SC Johnson pink soap industrial lotionized soap refill 9 count disposable pouches each pouch is 700 ml

85.A large lot of table stabilizing pieces and assorted size feet.  (1) bag of 4 piece super level self adjusting table feet, (1) bag of 8 count stackable table leg caps, (4) count adjusting screw table feet with 22 extra screws, (1) bag of 3/4 inch sized rubber leg caps, (1) bag of 20 count white plastic caps, (1) bag of 8 count metal caps, (1) bag of 8 count 1 inch rubber rings, 3/4 inch with 16 screws, (1) bag of 6 count table base levelers.

86.Die cast car collection. Car collection includes a red corvette that measures approximately 7 inches long x 3 inches wide, tire is off but inside the car. A blue mustang that measures 6 inches long x 2 inches wide, a 1957 BelAir, missing the passenger door, measures 8 inches long x 3 inches wide, a brown town and country car that measures 5 inches long x 2 inches wide, a green woody wagon that is missing a rear drivers side tire and measures 5 inches long x 2 inches wide. Car collection also includes a green topless car that measures 5 inches long x 2 inches wide, a light green car with a top that measures 5 inches long x 2 inches wide, a deluxe woody wagon that measures 5 inches long x 2 inches wide and a red traveling car with friction tires and siren that measure almost 6 inches long x 2 1/2 inches wide with a box.

87.A 30 inch wide x 30 inch deep x 1 1/2 inch thick wood tabletop made by Plymold Genuine Seating out of Minnesota. This is a very sturdy tabletop that could be used for its intended purpose or reused into a variety of DIY projects, let your imagination run wild (I’m envisioning a lego table here...)

88.A 30 inch wide x 30 inch deep x 1 inch thick reversible sided tabletop. Tabletop has one light colored top and one darker side top both with wood grain pattern. This is a very sturdy tabletop that appears to be in brand new condition. Use it for its intended purpose or convert it into a DIY repurposing project, let your imagination run wild.

89.A 24 inch round X 1 inch thick wood grain looking tabletop. This is very sturdy and could be used for its intended application or converted into a DIY repurposing project, let your imagination run wild (to me this looks like a great painting surface but I also can’t paint so ?)

90.A 36 inch round tabletop that has a black finish on one side and a mahogany colored finish on the other. This is in great usable condition for its intended purpose or could be used as a DIY repurposing project (check out Pinterest for the cool things that you can do with pennies, beads, gems, etc to make a garden table), let your imagination run wild!

91.(3) 32 ounce bottles of Do-it-all germicidal foaming cleaner, all new. (1) gallon bottle of Do-it-all germicidal foaming cleaner, new. Looking for that hospital fresh smell for your home, well here it is, a gallon bottle of Amphyl Hospital bulk disinfectant cleaner that prevents mold and mildew, germ/fungi/virucidal, new. A full container of powder super edisonite for the cleaning of surgical instruments, syringes, laboratory equipment, or that deep down spring clean on your house that you’ve been waiting for.

92.ASelkirk Type B gas venting. There are (3) pieces of 3 inch round x 36 inch long steel round gas vent, (1) piece of ASelkirk 3 inch round x 24 inch round type B gas vent and (1) ASelkirk 4RV 18 inch gas vent pipe. These are all in new condition.

93.Freedom brand cedar colored poly decking pieces. There are approximately (44) pieces of 3/4 inch thick x 2 inch wide x 8 foot long pieces and approximately (38) pieces of 3/4 inch thick x 1 inch wide x 8 foot long pieces and (5) pieces of Divider H lattice .745 inch x 1.74 inch x 8 foot pieces. These are all in brand new condition just waiting for your upcoming spring and summer projects. (Nothing in the background of these pictures is included in the sale of these pieces of poly decking)

94.Ryobi extendable electric pole saw that extends out to 9 feet long (as shown in the pictures, it is 6 foot 3 inches). Model number RY43161, this is in good working condition and ready for your spring and summer yard projects.

95.Ryobi Expand-it gas powered, 4 cycle weed trimmer, model S430. Weed trimmer was pulled to start and pulls hard, could not get it to start, for parts or repair.

96.An assortment of plastic lids. These lids range from being Solo to Dixie to Dart brands and are in an assortment of sizes ranging from 2 ounce portion cups to coffee cup lids, slushee domed lids and square recessed lids. Most boxes are at least 3/4 full and lids are in sealed bags. (nothing in the background of these pictures is included in the sale of these lids)

97.Various pieces of white poly deck rail. This includes caps as well as the pieces that you stick your railing uprights into. There is enough here to finish a small project or start a new one. All pieces are new. (Nothing in the background of these pictures is included in the sale of the deck rail)

98.(4) 1 quart bottles of Big D WSD & D formula (water soluble deodorant and disinfectant) cleaner detergent and deodorizer. This is a phosphate free formulation designed to be effective in cleaning and deodorizing and disinfection specifically of hospitals nursing homes schools food processing plants and food service establishment where housekeeping is of high importance (or for your household if you have children who are bringing all of those fun germs home from school daily). (5) 1 pound cans of champion sprayon gel-it-out vandal mark remover. Vandal mark remover is formulated for use on tile, glass, porcelain, steel, chrome, aluminum, brick, concrete and just about any other application you can think of. No dripping or running cleans spray paint, tar, oil stains, ballpoint and pen inks and more (maybe Kris should buy this so she can remove one of her children’s names off of the interior of her car...)

99.Got a filthy bathroom or two? If you do, this is the cleaning assortment for you. (2) 32 ounce bottles of Carroll brand Alka-lion professional strength drain opener, (6) 1 quart bottles of Dymon Asidufoam heavy duty bathroom cleaner that cleans shines and deodorizes, (1) 32 ounce bottle of professional Vani-sol hi acid bowl rinse. (1) Big Blu toilet bowl cleaner, (4) Nicole Kwik-Step non-acid bowl and bathroom cleaner, (5) 32 ounce bottles of essential industries restroom cleaner, super concentrated and (1) 32 ounce bottle of maxim disinfecting acid bowl cleaner. All of these bottles are new and ready to go to work for you.

100.A cleaning assortment that includes a half full box of SOS pads, (3) 1.68 pound boxes of spic and span all purpose cleaner, (3) 1.31 pound cans of comet deodorizing cleanser, (2) 1.31 pound cans of Ajax oxygen bleach cleanser, (2) Big blu toilet bowl cleaners, 864 ounce bottle of clear ammonia and a 128 ounce bottle of Vani-Sol bulk disinfectant washroom cleaner. All of the cleaners are sealed and new.

101.Cleaning assortment that includes (2) new 947 ML bottles for mixing, a 1 quart bottle of cinnamon water soluble deodorant, A 1 quart bottle of tropical air freshener and deodorant, (3) 1 quart bottles of WSD & D water soluble deodorant disinfectant, (2) quart bottles of clean breeze water soluble deodorant, (3) bottles of sunburst water soluble deodorant and (1) quart of do it all germicide foaming cleaner

102.A new in the box NuTone premier quiet ventilation fan with light and night light. This is a high performance, low sound fan perfect for a remodeling project.

103.(12) quart size bottles of Big D water soluble deodorant, sunburst scent. These are all brand new.

104.(5) 1 gallon bottles of Essential Industries dry foam rug shampoo. This is a high foam, low residue formula, intended to be diluted one part shampoo to 24 parts water. Item number 314cc.

105.(5) one gallon containers of Essential Industries Fluoro-based soil repellent carpet armor, product number 319cc. These are all brand new bottles.

106.Yellow plastic container with (6) hole saw bits 1 1/8 inch, (4) abrasive Sanders, 1 3/4 inch, (11) 3 inch scuffing pads

107.Want your kids to learn keyboarding skills without the screen time ? This typewriter is just the ticket! Smith corona Deville 650 spell right dictionary, memory smart typewriter, model 5P. Plugged in, powered on and seems to work as it should.

108.(3) Chain binders.  These have an overall length of approximately 24 inches with a spread of 24 inches.  The hooks are approximately 4 inches from end to end.  These look to be in good usable condition.

109.Bodyguard safety gear yellow rubber boots brand, new in the package.  These are size 12 and size 14.

110.Railroad lamp with the markings “The Adlake non-sweating lamp, Chicago” . This lamp measures approximately 8 inches square x 16 inches tall with 4 inch glass holes (a total of 5 inches round but requires 4 inch round colored glass). This is in gorgeous condition and would make an amazing collectors piece.

111.A 500 count packet of vegetable parchment, which was sealed until I took one out for display.  A 500 count package of foil/lam sheets, these measure 16 inches x 14 inches.

112.This lot contains 3 restaurant container holders most likely used in a salad bar or buffet style. These are very sturdy and appear to be brand new. Please see pics for dimensions.

113.This lot is perfect for the new start up restaurant you’ve been thinking about doing. And all at a discounted price.

114.All kinds of garage misc nails.  All look to be in good usable condition.  

115.Black & Decker bench top workmate, all purpose work center and vice.  Workmate measures 6 3/4 inches tall x 16 inches wide.  Weight  not to exceed 350 pounds.  Comes with a silver metal stand that measures 14 inches tall 17 inches wide (stand is not built to hold the workmate).

116.(6) stackable bins in assorted sizes containing table leveling screws and table/chair tips in various sizes.

117.A hand saw assortment including a 32 inch long x 9 1/2 inch tall (at the tallest point) yellow saw, teeth appear to be in good usable condition. A 24 inch long x 9 inch tall (at the tallest point) blue saw, teeth are in good usable condition. A red 24 inch long x 9 inch tall (at the tallest point) saw with a handle on the end to interchange the blade, teeth appear to be in good usable condition.

118.This lot contains more stuff for the resturanteer. It’s full of fun things that I have no idea what they are but if your reading this then I’m sure you do. Please see pics for more details.

119.Brand new in the box Moen bathroom mirror. Model# Y2692BN

120.A brand new household assortment that includes a safe door system, shop light, a down rod extender for a ceiling fan and last but not least a spray head for pull out kitchen faucet.

121.Brand new, never been used awesome air conditioner that would be amazing for those soon to be humid swamp butt days of summer that we all dread in the northland.  Please see pics for more details.

122.An amazing KenRoy water feature, new in the box and never been used . Dimensions are 48 inches high x 16 inches wide x 8 inches deep.  Please see pics for more details.

123.Brand new in the box Latitude brand 2 rectangular mirror. This mirror is missing the wall mounts but otherwise in perfect condition as it is brand new.  Dimensions are 24 inches high x 19 inches wide. See pics for more details.

124.Brand new in the box, Harbor Breeze box ceiling fan, this has never been opened. For exact details please see pictures and don’t forget those humid summer days are coming and this would be the perfect addition to your bedroom oasis.

125.Brand new in the box 52 inch Harbor Breeze Sail Stream ceiling fan that is so so cool looking. (Pun completely intended). Ideal for ceiling heights less than 9 feet tall.

126.Ohh wee do you we have a good one here for you. This butterball XL electric fryer comes brand new, never been used, in the box but is missing the cord. If you have or could order a cord this thing it would be perfect for the yahoo that is forever burning the turkey on Thanksgiving.

127.This Quoizel lighting fixture is brand new in the box, however it is missing the glass. It is still fully functional and in my opinion looks cooler without that pesky glass the kids will break anyways. For full details on wattage size and electricity cost please see pics.

128.Good earth down fire 2n1 security and area light, which appears to be brand new never used. It is still in its original packaging but has been opened. This would perfect for the kids to play outside or to bust them pesky sticky finger peeps in action.

129.Amazing mushroom solar powered Allen and Roth lights. This is a 3 ct that appears to be brand new in the box. Check out pics for more details.

130.A gold in color shower head which is missing the hose, and a kitchen sink pullout laundry faucet which is missing the support arm.  These 2 items are brand new in the box, however each is missing one piece which could easily be ordered or in the case of the shower head possibly used with out.

131.Harbor breeze sail stream with a brushed nickel finish 52 inch ceiling fan, brand new in the box.

132.(65) awesome 5 ounce tumbler cups that are about 3 1/2 inches tall. Perfect for the kids who take giant cups of glass milk and only drink 3 sips.

133.An amazing assortment of artwork including a painting with a beautiful frame, a framed cross stitch, and a super cool poster with a ton of autographs. The poster says Minnesota explorers to the North Pole, Stegner international polar expedition with words after that that are illegible due to signatures and fading.

134.This lot contains 21 packs of un opened basketball cards, ohhhh what ones do you think you will get... so exciting!  Each package contains 15 cards, and probably a very old and not so tasty stick of gum.

135.A collection of vintage board games including Pollyanna, Mickey Mouse Krazy Ike’s club and bingo. Pollyanna has the box, board and directions but has no other game pieces included. Mickey Mouse has the box, directions and several building pieces. The bingo set has many bingo cards many marker pieces and the shaker box. This would make a cool display or wall hanging pieces or could be used or made whole by searching parts on eBay.

136.(22) tubs of SunGold industrial strength all purpose cleaner. Sungold is non-toxic, biodegradable and non-abrasive. Can be used for a variety of applications from glass to chrome, carpet to walls, floor stripper to oven cleaner. These are all full containers.

137.A nice looking Intertek outdoor light fixture, black in color. This measures 6 inches round and 7 1/2 inches tall from base to the top of the fixture, and 10 1/2 inches tall from base to the top of the wall mount. Untested due to it being a wired fixture but the bulb appears is in new condition.

138.Drive brand Aluminum handicapped wall hand rails, product code RTL12000. These are rated for up to 300 pounds. These are brand new.

139.A vintage medicine cabinet painted in pastel green. This cabinet measures 18 1/2 inches wide by 21 inches tall by 5 1/2 inches deep and has two small interior shelves. The mirror on this measures 12 inches wide by 14 inches tall and does not appear to have any cracks or breaks just needs a good wipe down. The paint is in very rough shape however the cabinet itself is in good condition and would make a nice DIY project or repurposing project.

140.(3) restaurant style serving tray holders. These measure approximately 19 inches wide by 16 inches deep and 30 1/2 inches tall when folded out. These have nice nylon straps to hold trays on it. When folded up for storage, these tray holders are approximately 3 1/2 inches thick. These could be used for many applications outside of a restaurant setting. Tray holders could use a good wipe down from being in storage.

141.(1) box of happy birthday bannerlettes and (1) box of happy anniversary bannerlets. Both boxes said that they have 50 banner to a roll and both are approximately 3/4 full. These would be great for resale or for decorating your coworkers offices on that special birthday

142.Acuity Brands Lithuania lighting 2 foot x 4 foot LED flat panel. This is a bright white, 4000 lumens, 39 Watt, edge lit input panel, new in the box.

143.Two ceiling light covers that look to be in good usable condition.  They are at proximately 13 inches round.  (5) light or candle covers these are approximately 6 inches tall with a three-quarter inch hole in the bottom. And a precious moments figurine not in the box.

144.Life’s brand, nickel plated bathroom or kitchen light fixture that measures approximately 19 inches wide with a mounting plate that measures approximately 6 inches tall. This light fixture comes with three glass light covers that measure approximately 7 inches in diameter. Light fixture is in brand new never mounted condition (it was unwrapped from plastic to show fixture ), however the outside box was destroyed.

145.A wire basket from The Park point recreational swim center (you used to put your clothes in it and turn in the basket until you were done swimming and then they would return your clothes to you) that measures 20 inches deep by 12 inches wide by 7 1/2 inches tall, basket number 914 filled with assorted treasures. Treasures include A roll of rope lighting, (4) Korbel brandy lighters that change colors when open, an emerald society patch, a brass colored door knocker, a brass colored letter slot for a door, a secretary‘s name plate, a box full of assorted Duluth and Northshore postcards that have not been used and other assorted goodies sure to be a great addition to anyone’s collection.

146.An assortment of household or garage items including three red plastic tool bins made by quantum storage that measure approximately 6 inches wide by 11 inches deep and 5 inches tall, A box of 3M clear first aid tape that contains 24 rolls of 10 yard long tape, A pair of OnGard industries over boots size medium, fitting sizes 8 to 9, A red shopping basket with four metal table legs, a variety of plastic wheels and a Styrofoam Koolit cooler that says motorboating on it.

147.(3) rope rolls and in various sizes and lengths that all appear to be in good usable condition. One roll of rope has a pulley system on it but appears to be complete and in usable condition. Also included is a Vintage metal scoop shovel type apparatus that measures approximately 15 inches long by 5 inches wide by you and a half inches tall and appears to require a regular sized handle.

148.(6) 64 ounce or half gallon glass milk containers stored in a heavy duty stanpac plastic crate. These are all in very good condition and re-usable as a DIY project or possibly as a returnable.

149.A kitchen assortment including a ToastMaster oven that powered on and heated up as it should, could use a good cleaning. A Faberware cutting board with microban technology and a drain feature, this measures 12 inches wide by 17 inches long and appears as though it would fit over the top of your sink. (2) 1 gallon bottles of BIG D brand ENZYMD bacteria/enzyme culture plus deodorant lemon scent formula, these are full. All items come stored in a black plastic crate that measures 13 inches square by 11 inches tall.

150.An assortment of high visibility clothing. Clothing includes a three pack of size 2XL t-shirts, a size 4/5 XL vest with reflective stripe and a hey NSI/ISEA, class 3 rain suit made of OxFord fabric with a zipper closure, size 2/3 XL. He’s welcome stored in a red plastic container that measures 12 inches wide by 12 inches deep by 14 1/2 inches tall.

151.United States Navy issued size medium overalls. The outside appears to be a lightweight denim type material, the inside appears to be a light weight wool like material. The inseam is approximately 28 inches with adjustable length suspenders. All of the buttons and zippers are in good working condition, no rips or tears, overall in good condition.

152.(2) 27 foot, double J hook, commercial grade straps.  These have a 10,000 pound break strength and a 3300 pound safe working load. New in the package.

153.A set of three mismatched barstools that are all approximately 30 inches tall by 18 inches wide and 16 inches deep. These would be great for a man cave or a repurposing project.

154.One pair of Servus firefighter boots in a size 5.  One pair of firefighter gloves.  These look to be in good usable condition.

155.A set of two Viking/Miller Lite cardboard advertising signs. These both measure approximately 32 inches wide by 34 inches tall and are two-sided. These have been stored well and the only damage noted is slight bend on the bottom of the cardboard. Perfect for a man cave, garage or advertising at your next party.

156.A collection of vintage toy cars. And 8 inch long by 3 inch wide Chevrolet impala with opening doors, trunk and hood. A Chrysler town and country car that measures 8 inches long by 3 inches wide and has opening doors, trunk and hood. A 1948 Tucker car that measures 8 inches long by 3 inches wide with opening hood, doors and trunk, it is missing the passenger side front tire. A pink colored Eldorado that measures 5 inches long by an inch and a half wide with opening hood. A 1956 Corvette that measures 7 inches long by 3 inches wide And has an opening hood, doors and trunk. 1937 Ford pick up truck that measures approximately 10 inches long by 5 inches deep, it is missing the front driver side tire and does have opening doors. These are all in good collectible condition (with the exception of the Tucker and the Ford pick up truck missing one wheel on each) but definitely need a cleaning.

157.A Weatherguard brand Metal shelf. The shelf measures 42 inches wide by 13 inches deep by 36 inches tall and has three shelves. Each shelf has adjustable and removable brackets to make compartments bigger or smaller or not have any at all. Shelf is very well-built and sturdy, would make a great addition to a garage or a trailer or van for storage.

158.A late 1980's to early 1990's Ford tailgate. The inside has the usual scratches and missing paint but overall this tailgate is virtually rust free and in overall great condition.

159.An assortment of purses in various sizes, shapes, styles and colors. Persons come stored in a 31 brand round bin that measures 16 inches round and approximately 12 inches tall and includes a 12“ x 12“ 3110 with an embroidered Apple decoration on it. All of these purses and 31 storage containers are in next to new condition with no noted damage to any of them. Change your purse every day!

160.A carpet cleaning assortment. Included in this is three half full cans of Renuzit fresh and dry air and fabric deodorizer, and can of Big D carpet freshener, and three full cans of Scotchgard carpet and rug protector. (2) Shark Grand stair and furniture brushes, a shark rolling face holder, a shark nozzle that fits in between small spaces, a shark dusting attachment, (2) shark carpet/bare floor attachment and (2) shark furniture brushes. all of the shark attachments are new in the package.

161.1 gallon container of prime source for me number five pot and pan cleaner, full bottle. A 1 quart bottle of Nyko cleaning spray oven and grill cleaner, full bottle. (7) 1 pint bottles of F.O.G commercial use fryer, oven and grill cleaner, this is biodegradable and concentrated not for use on aluminum, all bottles are brand new.

162.An assortment of commercial filters. (2) are 24 inch square x 2 inches thick, (1) is 16 inches tall x 25 inches wide x 2 inches thick and (1) is 20 inches tall x 25 inches wide x 3/4 of an inch thick. The first three filters are in new condition, the last one looks to be in used condition.

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